Houston (Texas, États-Unis)

Geographic area : Texas (États-Unis, Amérique)

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Houston & vicinity
USA : Ouest-Alaska - Hawaï
Central & Western United States
Texas Est
Hedwig Village, tex.
Friendswood, Tex.
Humble, Tex.
Bellaire, Tex.
Alief, Tex.
Settegast, Tex.
Pasadena, Tex.
Park Place, Tex.
Houston Heights, Tex.
Major Throughfare and Freeway Plan. Houston City Planning Commission
Houston, Texas, Downtown Business District, West Half
Dolph's map of Greater Houston, Texas
Full composition tax map of the City of Houston and the Houston Independent School District
Map of Houston
Houston 1961. City of Houston's 1961 map as amended and expended
Shell. Street map of Houston
Map of Houston
Downtown Houston. Land Owners-Land use. Dimensions
Port facilities at Houston, Texas
Industrial map of greater Houston. 2 miles [=0, 067 m. ; 1 : 48 000 env]
Texaco street map of Houston
The Houston Key Map
City Map Company's map of Houston
Houston. Harris county, Texas. 1 inch = 1600 feet [= 1 : 19 200 ]. Lambert conformal polyconic projection. Land ownerships
Ground floor occupancy map of downtown Houston, Texas. 1"=100'[=1 : 1 200 env]
City map Company's map of Houston. 2 miles [=71mm. ; 1 : 46 000 env] R.M. Stene. Revised
Plan for major thoroughfares and freeways, 1955
Park Place, Tex.
Humble. Street map of Houston
Houston street map. Texaco
The premier street map of Houston and Vicinity. [1 : 40 000 env]
Phillips Petroleum Company. Street map of Houston
Humble, Tex.
New map of South Houston
Port facilities at Houston, Texas
Houston (small size)

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