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Breaking into information security
Commercial aircraft hydraulic systems
Thor's OS Xodus
Robertson on library security and disaster planning
Computational network science
Top-down digital VLSI design
Unconventional gas reservoirs
Data mining and predictive analysis
Google Earth forensics
Augmented reality law, privacy, and ethics
Detecting and combating malicious email
Business espionage
Conceptual design for interactive systems
Multicore and GPU Programming
Securing VoIP
Soil microbiology, ecology and biochemistry
Craniofacial development
Structural geology
Social data analytics
Coastal and marine hazards, risks, and disasters
China's spatial (dis)integration
An emergent theory of digital library metadata
Digital futures
The strategies of China's firms
Meeting health information needs outside of healthcare
Managing scientific information and research data
Information professionals' career confidential
Informed systems
Digital curation in the digital humanities
Information science as an interscience
Being a solo librarian in healthcare
Skills to make a librarian
To MOOC or not to MOOC
Information science as an interscience
Advances in experimental social psychology Volume fifty two
Process modeling style
Up and running with AutoCAD 2015
Materials science and engineering of carbon
Business continuity
Security leader insights for information protection
Joe Celko's SQL for smarties
High acid crudes
Advances in motivation science Volume 1
Oil and gas corrosion prevention
Advances in geophysics Volume 55
Advances in heat transfer volume Fortysix
Annual reports on NMR spectroscopy Volume 82
International review of cell and molecular biology Vol. 313
Advances in computers Volume ninety three
The psychology of learning and motivation
The basics of digital privacy
Gasification of unconventional feedstocks
Molecular basis of memory
Advanced theory of constraint and motion analysis for robot mechanisms
Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry Volume One Hundred and Eleven
Instrumental thin-layer chromatography
Optical radiometry for ocean climate measurements
Network and system security
Managing information security
Cyber security and IT infrastructure protection
Measuring ocean currents
From the files of a security expert witness
Up and running with AutoCAD 2014
Calculus of thought
User interface inspection methods
Investigating internet crimes
Towards sustainable road transport
Corrosion control for offshore structures
Telomeres in health and disease
Advanced ceramics for dentistry
Small wind
Surface production operations, Volume two, Design of gas-handling systems and facilities
An introduction to real estate finance
Renewable energy system design
The Zionist paradox
Advances in motivation science Volume 1
Interpreting aerial photographs to identify natural hazards
Big data analytics
Advances in food and nutrition research Volume seventy
Mineral explorations
Agile user experience design
Investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity
X-Ways Forensics practitioner's guide
Simple steps to data encryption
Using information to develop a culture of customer centricity
Practical anonymity
Credible checklists and quality questionnaires
Assessing vendors
Store-operated calcium channels
Advances in genetics Volume eighty four
International review of cell and molecular biology Vol. three hundred and two
International review of cell and molecular biology Volume three hundred and three
Strategic intelligence management
Heterogeneous computing with OpenCL
FISMA compliance handbook
Analyzing the social web
International review of cell and molecular biology Volume three hundred
Up and running with AutoCAD 2013
Introduction to biological and small molecule drug research and development
Managing data in motion
Unconventional petroleum geology
Measuring data quality for ongoing improvement
Advanced water injection for low permeability reservoirs
Common well control hazards
Electromagnetic surface waves
MSP430-based robot applications
Microstructure-sensitive design for performance optimization
Oxide semiconductors
Agile data warehousing project management
Digital control engineering
Alan Turing
Actuaries' survival guide
Business intelligence
An introduction to atmospheric gravity waves
Inorganic chemistry
Parameter estimation and inverse problems
Essentials in modern HPLC separations
Differential equations, dynamical systems, and an introduction to chaos
Information visualization
Fundamentals of ecosystem science
Language & power in the early Middle ages
Kol nidre
Principles of data integration
IT manager's handbook
Construction hazardous materials compliance guide
Construction hazardous materials compliance guide
Data governance
Embedded software
Handbook on securing cyber-physical critical infrastructure
Using open source platforms for business intelligence
Introduction to data compression
Laser heating applications
Geophysical data analysis
Flexible manipulators
Temporal QoS management in scientific cloud workflow systems
Advances in organometallic chemistry Volume sixty
Boundary layer flow over elastic surfaces and combined method of drag reduction
Caenorhabditis elegans
Advances in food and nutrition research
Digital video and HD
Content strategy at work
Applied welding engineering
Computational methods in cell biology
User experience in the age of sustainability
Heterogeneous computing with OpenCL
Up and running with AutoCAD 2012
Practical text mining and statistical analysis for non-structured text data applications
Numerical methods
Design for emotion
Offshore wind
Practical handbook of photovoltaics
Flow analysis with spectrophotometric and luminometric detection
Handbook of loss prevention and crime prevention
A practical guide to SysML
Electricity marginal cost pricing
It's our research
Managed pressure drilling
Writing effective business rules
Fracture mechanics
Private cloud computing
Chemical analysis of food
Pipe drafting and design
Encyclopedia of caves
Electronic access control
Measurement and instrumentation
Global UX
Maya Python for games and film
Key concepts in environmental chemistry
Medical device technologies
Elements of financial risk management
Approximation and optimization of discrete and differential inclusions
CUDA application design and development
Kinetic Boltzmann, Vlasov and related equations
OCEB certification guide
Experiment and calculation of reinforced concrete at elevated temperatures
Rape investigation handbook
Streamline numerical well test interpretation
Semantic Web for the working ontologist
Engineering rock mass classification
Advanced well completion engineering
Design research through practice
Architecture & patterns for IT service management, resource planning, and governance
Deploying next generation multicast-enabled applications
Pipeline planning and construction field manual
Construction calculations manual
Introduction to geophysical fluid dynamics
The economics of recreation, leisure and tourism
Long fliv the king
The inheritance
Long is the road
Island of roses
A kiss to this land
Leon the pig farmer
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