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New Jersey
Trenton, New Jersey - Pennsylvania - New York
Trenton West, N.J. - Pa.
Trenton East, N.J. - Pa.
Official Arrow City map, Trenton and vicinity, New Jersey
Map of metropolitan Trenton
New-Jersey. 1 : 325 000
Happy motoring in New Jersey
Map of the city of Trenton, New Jersey [U.S. A]. from actual survey
United States of America

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Trenton and vicinity 9. - Compiled and Drawn by Col. Carrington. - [9]
Trenton 10. - Compiled and Drawn by Col. Carrington. - [10]

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State of New Jersey. general highway map. [1 : 260 000 env] "Transverse Mercator projection". Prepared by the New Jersey State Highway Dept., Bureau of Planning and Traffic, in cooperation with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Public Roads
Relief map of New Jersey... John C. Smock, . .. C.C. Vermeule, ...
A map of the State of New Jersey with part of the adjoining states. Compiled under the Patronage of the Legislature of said State by Thomas Gordon. Engraved by H.S. Tanner, ...
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