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River Exe et ses abords
River Exe et ses abords : Exeter canal
Exeter, Sidmouth and surrounding area
Exeter, Sidmouth and surrounding area
Stadtplan von Exeter mit Mil.-Geo.-Eintragungen
A Map of the County of Devon, with the City & County of Exeter
A plan of the city & suburbs of Exeter
A Map of the County of Devon, with the City & County of Exeter
To the Right Worshipfull the Mayor Aldermen & Common Council of the City of Exeter, this Plan of the Said City is humbly dedicated
Plan de la ville et faubourgs d'Exeter, très exactement
Civitas Exoniae (vulgo Excester) urbs primaria
Devonshire with Excester described and the armes of such nobles as have borne the titles of them
Devonshire with Excester described... performed
Civitas Exoniae (vulgo Excester) urbs primaria in comitatu Devoniae
Janson. Illustrium urbium sept. Europae tabulae

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William Morris and John Ruskin
God's exiles and English verse
Selected writings
The gold sovereign
The place of Michael Oakeshott in contemporary Western and non-Western thought
Lord Kames
Thomas Reid on religion
Celluloid war memorials
The moral philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe
Eighteenth-century Brechtians
The appreciation of film
Cecil Hepworth and the rise of the British film industry 1899-1911
Giovanni Gentile and the state of contemporary constructivism
Logic, truth and meaning
Popular filmgoing in 1930s Britain
The legendary past
Singing Simpkin and other bawdy jigs
Scottish philosophy of rhetoric
Francis Hutcheson
Translating Apollinaire
Charles Urban
Marking time
Flora of the Outer Hebrides
Bird conservation
General will in political philosophy
The philosophy of punishment
Civil Society, capitalism and the state
Making sense of Greek art
Primary science
Ramparts of Empire
The young Kim Philby
Dartmoor's alluring uplands
British bat calls
Barn owl conservation handbook
Research methods and design in psychology
Performing Greek drama in Oxford and on tour with the Balliol Players
The battle of Brunanburh
The material culture of daily living in the Anglo-Saxon world [Volume 1]
Ancient Rome at the cinema
The classical Greek house
British cinema and middlebrow culture in the interwar years
Marketing modernity
Mining in a medieval landscape
Mortuary practices and social identities in the Middle Ages
Primary English
Selected poems
Lectures in the history of political thought
Collected poems, 1964-2004
Circled with stones
Physicalism and mental causation
Exeter textes littéraires
T. H. Green and the development of ethical socialism
Michael Oakeshott on Hobbes
Oakeshott on history
The sceptical idealist
Cognitive psychology
Ebb tide in the British maritime industries
Rythmes pittoresques
The relations of history and geography
Arthurian sites in the West
The apocryphal lives of Adam and Eve
Reading texts and images
How could conscious experiences affect brains?
Holocaust theology
Pliny's statue
The last years of Austria-Hungary
West Britons
English poetry before Chaucer
The transformation of rural England
British shipbuilding and the state since 1918
Population and society in an East Devon parish
The owl and the nightingale
Le commerce du Parnasse
Le triomphe des cinq passions
Satyres nouvelles
Britain and France at the birth of America
British diplomats and diplomacy
Between totem and taboo
The glorious First of June 1794
The West Country as a literary invention
A new life of Dante
Cash flow and corporate finance in Victorian Britain
Mediterranean urban culture, 1400-1700
Hen Domen, Montgomery
Witchcraft in early modern Scotland
Coastal and river trade in pre-industrial England
Historical atlas of South-West England
The radiant hour
Translating Baudelaire
Le Comte d'Essex
The Liberal party in south-west Britain since 1918
Athenaeus and his world
Alternative empires
Green screen : environmentalism and Hollywood cinema
Spain and the Independence of Colombia, 1810-1825
The new reading the landscape
The destruction of Jerusalem
Histoire de Louis Anniaba, roi d'Essénie en Afrique sur la côte de Guinée
Symbolism, decadence and the fin de siècle
A chorus of raspberries
The Craven photographic collection
"Film Europe" and "Film America"
Food in Antiquity
Power and politics at the seaside
Human-computer interaction design guidelines
Le mariage forcé
Shipping movements in the ports of the United Kingdom, 1871-1913
The provincial at Rome
From mimesis to interculturalism
Les marguerites
The world as information
A further range
British theatre and the red peril
Le voile et le mirage
Seals, finger rings, engraved gems and amulets in the Royal Albert memorial museum, Exeter
Short French fiction
A tragic farce
Medieval Italian pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela
Guy of Warwick and other chapbook romances
Exploiting the sea
The geology of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
Chess and machine intuition
Meetings with Mallarmé in contemporary French culture
Poetics of the pretext
Petit glossaire pour servir à l'intelligence des auteurs décadents et symbolistes
"Into another mould"
Recreation and the sea
The blood-red Arab flag
Cockburn and the British Navy in transition
The Uffculme wills and inventories
Gentry leaders in peace and war
Narratives and spaces
Sir John Norreys and the Elizabethan military world
Contes américains
Sick heroes
Les tromperies
Histoire d'Eléonore de Parme
Cathedrals under siege
After the ruins
Faction and faith
From deliverance to destruction
Poesías inéditas u olvidadas
Approaches to the American musical
The dream of the rood
Phlegon of Tralles' book of marvels
Who's who
From Taʿizz to Tyneside
Stendhal's Italy
Devon household accounts, 1627-59
The new Germany
Landscape and settlement in Britain AD 400-1066
The medieval translator Vol. 4
Medieval and Renaissance Spanish literature
The Devon collection of children's books
Charters of the Redvers family and the Earldom of Devon, 1090-1217
The rise of the Devon seaside resorts, 1750-1900
El ritmo
The cool eye
State and society in Syria and Lebanon
Cornwall's future mines
The wetland revolution in prehistory ?
Tudor and Stuart Devon
The British book trades 1775-1787
"Ensaladas villanescas" associated with the "Romancero nuevo"
The Art of Kate Greenaway
The Devon book trades
Law and piety
Roman political life 90 B.C.-A.D. 69
Lexicography in Africa
Lexicographers and their works
Books with Devon imprints
Exeter cathedral library
Correspondance 1911-1925
Visions of Poe
Fifth seminar on the British book trade
Avisos a un cortesano
The British book trades, 1731-1806
The London book trades, 1735-1775
The sociology of suicide
A new berceo manuscript
The Edwardian lady
The London book trades, 1775-1800
International trade regulation
The correspondence between Alfred Loisy and Nathan Söderblom, 1901-27
Deux pièces symbolistes
Pinto ou la journée d'une conspiration
Exeter linguistic studies
A Reply to Fr Smits van Waesberghe, S. J..., by Dom Gregory Murray..., à propos de Rhythmic proportions in early medieval ecclesiastical chant du P. Jan W. A. Vollaerts
Pomme d'api
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Are you earthed ?
Go native
Sonates pour clavecin
Allegro in G major Kk 124. - [12]
Andante spiritoso in G major Kk 454. - [11]
Allegro in E flat major Kk 123. - [10]
Allegrissimo in F minor Kk 467. - [9]
Andante moderato in F minor Kk 466. - [8]
Allegro in C major Kk 327. - [7]
Allegro in C major Kk 326. - [6]
Allegrissimo in E minor Kk 98. - [5]
Allegro in E minor Kk 198. - [4]
Andante in E minor Kk 147. - [3]
Allegro in A major Kk 429. - [2]
Allegro in A major Kk 428. - [1]

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