Louis Stanislas d'Arcy Delarochette (1731-1802)

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 1731
Death : 1802
Note :
Cartographe et graveur. - Associé de William Faden
Variants of the name : Louis Stanislas d' Arcy Delarochette (1731-1802)
Louis Stanislas d'Arcy de La Rochette (1731-1802)
Louis Stanislas d'Arcy de La Rochette (1731-1802)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0157 0812

Activities of Louis Stanislas d'Arcy Delarochette (1731-1802) (22)

Cartographe (13)

Lower Egypt...
A general chart of the West India islands
Greece, Archipelago and Part of Anadoli
Hind, Hindoostan, or India
A chart of the Antilles
The Coast of Guyana From the Oroonoko to the River of Amazons and the Inland Parts as far as they have been Explored by the French and Dutch Engineer with the Islands of Bardadoes, Tobago &ca
The Dutch colony of the Cape of Good Hope
The Dutch colony of the Cape of Good Hope
A Topographical Map of the Isle of Minorca
A Topographical Map of the Isle of Minorca
Les Antilles // et la // Guayanne // Par la Rochette // 1776 // Traduit de l'Anglais
The Caribbee islands and Guyana
The Caribbee islands and Guyana

Auteur du texte (8)

Colombia prima. South America... extracted chiefly from the original manuscript maps of. .. the late chevalier Pints...
Lower Egypt and the adjacent deserts, with a part of Palestine, to which has been added the nomenclature of the Roman ages
The North Sea with the Kattegat from the Chart of Messrs de Verdun, de Borda and Pingré made public in 1777 by order of Louis XVI. Constructed on a larges scale and with considerable additions and emendations
Map of the Empire of Germanic, including all the States comprehended under that name : with the Kingdoms of Prussia, &c
Iles Britanniques, Pays-Bas et Provinces unies, Allemagne, Suisse, France, Italie, Espagne, Portugal, pour l'itinéraire de M. Dutens
Atlas factice de cartes relatives aux Antilles...
Plan de l'Isle Marie Galande Dédié à Son Altesse Sérénéssime Monseigneur le Duc de Penthièvre...
Dissertation... on the first meridian of Ptolemy. - [3]

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