George Philip and Son. Londres

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Creation : 1848
Commercial activities : Éditeur, Imprimeur fabricant
Address : Victoria Rd., Willesden N.W.10, London.
Note :
Éditeurs de cartes géographiques à Londres à partir de 1848
Variants of the name : George Philip & Son. Londres (français)
G. Philip & Son. Londres (français)
Philip & Son. London (français)

Activities of George Philip and Son. Londres (93)

Éditeur commercial (46)

East Sussex street atlas
West Sussex street atlas
Le Monde. Réseau directeur des grands cercles de cisaillement et les deux caustiques Est et West
Populations maps of the British isles
Stanford's general map of Malaya
Burma, Siamand Indo-China
Scripture Atlas
The Standard Reference Atlas
Soviet Union in maps
Skandinavisk Världsatlas
BEA maps of Europe. British European Airways, in Europe fly BEA
Dunkirk to Berlin June 1940 - July 1945. Journeys undertaken by the Rt. Honble. Winston S. Churchill,... in defence of the British Commonwealth and Empire
The Daily Telegraph map of Abyssinia in 6 colours
Philips'planisphere showing the principal stars visible for every hour in the year
Théâtre des guerres : guerre de 1914-1918. Mésopotamie et Asie Mineure. - Philips'Strategical map of Mesopotamia and Asia minor
The Western Theatre
Philips'Model map of New Zealand
Netherlands. Belgium and Luxemburg
South India
North India
Indian Empire Climate, vegetation and Population. Winter (Summer) conditions
The Daily Mail military map of Korea
The Daily Mail military map of Korea
Philip's Sketch Map of the Klondike gold region, Yukon district, dominion of Canada, compiled from the latest authentic sources...
Map of part of the Kingdom of the Marutse
Map of part of the Kingdom of the Marutse
Philips'new map of the Nile valley & the approaches to Khartum
Southern Africa including the Cape Colony, Natal, South African Republic, Orange Free State, Bechuanaland, Matabeleland &c.
Tourist's map of England and Wales, reduced from the Ordnance Survey
Puerta Orotava. Tenerife
Philips'New map of the Nile valley and the approaches to Khartum
The "Daily Mail" commercial map of Africa
Stanley in Africa
Stanley in Africa
The "Daily Mail" commercial map of Africa
Map of the country between Nyassa and Tanganyika
Central Asia and Afghanistan
Philip's special large scale war Map of the Soudan, extending to Soakim on the Red Sea, with enlarged plan of Khartum, 1885
Philips'planisphere showing the principal stars visible for every hour in the year
The marchant shipper's and Ocean traveller's Atlas
Philips'Large scale strategical war map of Europe - central & eastern area with complete index
Philips'Mercantile marine atlas, a series of 35 plates containing over 200 charts and plans, with tables of 10.000 distances between ports, national and commercial flags, cable and wireless telegarphy charts, with list of wireless stations, lists of British and United States consulates and complete index of 20.000 ports, etc. Specially designed for merchant shippers, exporters and ocean travellers and for general use

Auteur du texte (27)

Géoatlas, atlas du monde entier
Philips'international atlas
[Globe terrestre en matière plastique avec l'indication des divisions politiques. Nomenclature en anglais. Diamètre =0, 38 m]
How to see. London. Maps and gazetteer
Shell Central London and approaches
Muir's Historical Atlas, Medieval & Modern. Ninth Edition
Philips'Intermediate Historical Atlas for schools. Nineteenth Edition...
Cassell's New Atlas of the World. The World in physical, political and economic maps with statistics and index
[World Relief Map. 1 : 84 000 000 at the Equator]
The University Atlas
Stanford's general map of the middle east
B.P. Road maps. Sheet N°5. Central and Northern Scotland
Muir's new school atlas of universal history. Nineteenth edition
Philip's mercantile map of the World
The Mercantile marine atlas. Fourteenth edition. Specially designed for mechant shippers-exporters and ecean travellers
Philips'record Atlas
Philips'Mercantile map of the world
Soviet Russia in maps, its origins and development
Air age World map for two thousand million neighbours
Tourist map of India. 200 miles
Middlesex olima Trinobantibus habitata, Johannes Norden descripsit. Scala Miliarum 8 [=Om. 108 ; 1 : 450 000 environ]. A reproduction of an original map after John Norden
England and Wales
Philips'chamber of commerce atlas; a graphic survey of the world's trade with a commercial compendium and gazetteer index
Philip's new plan of Paris and its suburbs. 1000 m.
Tourist's Map of England and Wales

Éditeur scientifique (8)

[Globe terrestre]
Le monde
Stanford's general map of the Middle east
Philips' new scripture atlas
Philip's centenary mercantile marine atlas
Russia in Europe and its Border States
Philips'planisphere showing the principal stars visible for every hour in the year
Philips'planisphere showing the principal stars visible for every hour in the year

Imprimeur (4)

Europe. Politique
Stanford's Library Map. Africa 1 : 6 000 000 . Projection Lambert's Equivalent Azimuthal
The Whitehall Atlas
Tanah air dan Dunia. Oleh Adinegoro. Djambatan

Autre (4)

Carte routière. [de l'Europe]
Road maps [England]. Shell touring service
The Chambers of commerce atlas
Philip's Atlas of the counties of England, including maps of north and south Wales, the channel islands and the isle of Man. New and revised edition, with a complete consulting index

Cartographe (3)

[Globe terrestre]
Soviet Union in maps
Philips'photo-relief model war map of central Europe

Graveur (1)

A new Map of Brasil... expressly to accompany the work on that country

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