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Central New Haven
Yale University
Connecticut ; Rhode Island
New England States. - [1]
New Haven, Conn.
Mapco map of New Haven, E. Haven, N. Haven, W. Haven, Hamden, Bethany, Woodbridge, Connecticut
Mapco Map of New Haven, E. Haven, N. Haven, W. Haven, Hamden, Woodbridge, Connecticut
Mapco Map of New Haven, E. Haven, N. Haven, W. Haven, Hamden, Bethany. Woodbridge, Connecticut
Map of New Haven, E. Haven, N. Haven, W. Haven, Hamden, Connecticut
Map of New Haven, E. Haven, N. Haven, W. Haven, Hamden, Connecticut
New map of New Haven, East Haven and West Haven, Conn
Map of New Haven, East Haven, West Haven, Connecticut
New Haven, Conn.
1200 feet [=0, 04 m. ; 1 : 9 144 ].Board of Engineers for rivers and harbors
Happy motoring in New England
An atlas of old New Haven or "The Nine Squares" as shwn on various early maps, compiled by Dean B. Lyman Jr
New-Haven in 1644. - Map of New-Haven in 1775 by President Stiles
New Haven
City and vicinity of New Haven. Connecticut, derived wholly
City and vicinity of New-Haven, Connecticut, derived wholly from the maps of U. S. coast survey...

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[Etats-Unis, Exposition universelle de Saint-Louis]

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Suzana Bartal plays Schumann
Revealing essence
Live at Firehouse 12
The complete piano concertos
Anniversaries & messages
Death speaks
The guest house
Black coffee
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Violin concerto & Symphony No 1
Piano concertos Nos. 12, 13 and 14
Bodies and souls
High definition
Asphalt flowers forking paths
What you can throw
Live in New Haven
Van Halen
Yale concert
Live without a net
The symphonic organ 1
Black coffee
Symphony No 1. - William Waltonh, comp.. - [2]
Violin concerto. - William Walton, comp.. - [1]
Take the "A" train. - [9]
Up-jump. - [8]
Swamp goo. - [7]
Salome. - [6]
A Johnny Hodges medley. - [5]
Boola, boola. - [4]
A chromatic love affair. - [3]
Put-tin. - [2]
The little purple flower. - [1]
Rock and roll. - [14]
Why can't this be love. - [13]
Ain't talkin' 'bout love. - [12]
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Love walks in. - [9]
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Trois paraphrases grégoriennes. - Mors et Resurrectio. - Jean Langlais, comp.. - [2]
Sept chorals-poèmes d'orgue pour les sept paroles du Xrist. - Charles Tournemire, comp.. - [1]
Rock and roll. - [12]
Why can't this be love. - [11]
Ain't talkin'bout love. - [10]
I can't drive. - [9]
Good enough. - [8]
Love walks in. - [7]
Panama. - [6]
Best of both worlds. - [5]
"5150". - [4]
Get up. - [3]
Summer nights. - [2]
There's only one way to rock. - [1]
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Lullaby. - [8]
Funeral March of a marionette. - [7]
Prelude. - [6]
Larghetto, op 20. - [5]
Three selections. - [4]
Im Garten. - [3]
Suite N ° 1. - [2]
Grand march from Tannhaüser. - [1]

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