Timothy Pont (pasteur, 15..-16.. )

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 15..
Death : 16..
Note :
Ministre de l'Eglise d'Ecosse
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2330 999X

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Cartographic works (43)

South part of the map of the county of angus, by Timothy Pont with Timothy Pont (pasteur, 15..-16.. ) as Author
L'Escosse delà le Tay. divisée en toutes ses Provinces with Timothy Pont (pasteur, 15..-16.. ) as Author
L'Escosse deçà le Tay, divisée en ses Provinces & c ... with Timothy Pont (pasteur, 15..-16.. ) as Author
Geographia Blavianae
Cathenesia. Caithness
Lavdelia Sive Lavderdalia Scotis vulgo Lavderdail
Iura Insula The Yle of Iura one of the westerne Iles of Scotland
Vistus Insula, vulgo Viist, cum aliis minoribus ex Aebudarum numero ei ad meridiem adjacentibus
Coila Provincia. The province of Kyle
Gallovidia vernacule Galloway
Glottiana Praefectura Inferior, cum Baronia Glascuensi. The Nether Warde of Clyds-dail, and Baronie of Glasco
Gallovidiae Pars Occidentalior, in qua Vicecomitatus Victoniensis cum Regalitate Glenucensi The Sherifdome of Wigtoun w.t the Regalitie of Glen-Luze both in Galloway
Tvedia cum vicecomitatu Etterico Forestae etiam Selkirkae dictus Twee-dail with the Sherifdome of Etterik-Forrest called also Selkirk
Mula Insula, quae ex Aebudarum numero una est, et Lochabriae ad occasum praetenditur. The Yle of Mul whiche is one of the westerne Yles, and lyeth ovir against Lochabÿr
Praefectura Kircubriensis, quae Gallovidiae maxime orientalis pars est. The Steuartrie of Kircubright, The most easterlie part of Galloway
Levinia Vicecomitatus. The Province of Lennox, called the Shyre of Dun-Britton
Carricta Meridionalis. The South part of Carrick
Annandiae Praefectura, Vulgo, the Stewartrie of Annandail
Aebudae Insulae Sive Hebrides; Quae Scotiae ad occasum praetenduntur The Westerne Iles of Scotland
Knapdalia Provincia que sub Argathelia censetur. The Province of Knapdail which is accounted a member of Argyll
Glottiana Praefectura Superior. The Upper Ward of Clyds-dayl
Teviotia, Vulgo, Tivedail
Strath-navernia. Strath-navern
Lorna cum insulis vicinis et provinciis eidem conterminis. Lorn w.t the Yles and provinces bordering there-upon
Praefectura Renfroana Vulgo dicta Baronia. The Baronie of Renfrow
Buthe Insula Vulgo The Yle of Boot
Mercia Vulgo Vicecomitatus Bervicensis The Merce or Shirrefdome of Berwick
Sterlinensis Praefectura. Sterlin-Shyr
Cantyra Chersonesus, Cantyr a Demie-yland
Skia vel Skiana The Yle of Skie
Insulae quaedam minores ex Aebudis quae Mulam et Skiam insulas interjacent. Some of the Smaller Westerne Yles, lÿing betweene the Yles of Mule and Skye
Lidalia vel Lidisdalia Regio Lidisdail
Caricta Borealis Vulgo The northpart of Carrick
Arania Insula in aestuario Glottae The Yle of Arren in the Fyrth of Clyd
Ila Insula, ex Aebudarum majoribus una. The Yle of Ila, being one of the biggest of the Westerne Yles
Nithia Vicecomitatus. The Shirifdome of Nidis-dail
Gallovidiae Pars Media quae Deam et Cream fluvios interjacet. The Middle-part of Galloway, which lyeth betweene the rivers Dee and Cree
Evia et Escia, Scotis Evsdail et Eskdail
Moravia Scotiae provincial
A New Description of the Shyres Lothian and Linlitquo
A New Description of the Shyres Lothian and Linlitquo
A New description of the shyres lothian and linlitquo

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The Orkneys and Schetland in Blaeu's Atlas Novus of 1654 with Timothy Pont (pasteur, 15..-16.. ) as Cartographer

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The nation survey'd

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