Ceylan (1948-1972)

Geographic area : Sri Lanka (Asie)

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Ceylon, showing planned river basin development of land, irrigation and power
The Ceylon economic atlas
[Ceylan] 1 : 506 880 Published under the direction of C.F. Goonewardena...
Land utilisation map of Ceylon showing dry and wet zones
Southern Asia : India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Nepal, Burma
Bartholomew's world series. India, Pakistan & Ceylon
Physical-political India, Pakistan, Ceylon & Burma
Carte des bioclimats de l'Inde et de Ceylan. Map of bioclimates...
Mobil Road map. 1 : 750 000 Transverse Mercator Projection
Ceylon. Scale. Quarter inch to one statute mile = 1 : 253 440 . Transverse Mercator Projection
Land utilization map of Ceylon. Scale 24'miles to one inch [1 : 1 500 000 ] Showing dry and wet zones
India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylan
Land utilisation map of Ceylon
India, Pakistan Ceylon and Burma

Books (4)

Pioneer peasant colonization in Ceylon. A study in Asian agrarian problems
Geographical essays on british tropical lands
Ceylon, its geography its resources and its people
A geography of Ceylon

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