J. Walker (graveur, 18..-18..?)

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 18..
Death : 18..
Note :
Graveur, imprimeur et éditeur associé à C. Walker
Variant of the name : J. Walker (junior, 18..-18..?)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8399 0476

Activities of J. Walker (graveur, 18..-18..?) (20)

Graveur (11)

Ports on the coast of Genoa
Gulf of Spezia
Investigation of the currents, chart the second. The western division of the Atlantic Ocean
Investigation of the currents, chart the third. The South African current and counter current from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean
Investigation of the currents, chart the first. The eastern division of the Atlantic Ocean
Zante. Scale of Miles 5 [=1 : 169 000 env]. W. Gell menst et delt J. Walker sculpt
A Military Sketch of that part of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, Bordering on the Caffres and most exposed to their Depredations with the different Military Posts, Roads, Rivers &c.
The history of Java
The route in detail of Cyrus the Younger from Sardio to Babylonia. And the retreat of the ten thousand From thence to Trebisonde and Lydia... 1815
A map of the island of Sumatra in the East Indies
Plan of the town and port of Saint Sebastian...

Auteur du texte (4)

Monmouthshire by J. et G. Walker
Plan of the bays of Cayemites and Baradaires on the north coast of St. Domingo
A general Map of India compiled from the latest autorities
The countries situated between Babylon and the Carduchians...

Autre (3)

Plan of the town of Madras and its limits, as surveyed in 1822 for the use of the Justices in Sessions
Map of the Mouth of the River Maeander

Cartographe (2)

Hochen-Karte der Schweiz
Chart of the variation of the magnetic needle

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