Thomas Farmer (16..-1688)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Gender : masculin
Birth : 16..
Death : 12-1688
Note :
Compositeur et violoniste. - Né peut-être vers 1650. - Inhumé le 5 décembre 1688

Activities of Thomas Farmer (16..-1688) (9 resources in

Musical work (8)

Instrumental music for London theatres, 1690-1699
The Oxford music school collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford Part one. - Reel 7
Love's the dear talk that usurps all our hours. - [41]
Ye virgin pow'rs, defend my heart. - [42]
When absent from the nymph I love. - [4]
Constantine. - [13]
How sweet is the passion of love. - [39]
The Theater of music : or a choice collection of the newest and best songs sung at the Court and public theaters, the words composed by the most ingenious wits of the age, and set to music by the greatest masters in that science, with a theorbo-bass [i. e. thorough bass] to each song for the theorbo, or bassviol ; also symphonies and retornels in 3 parts to several of them for the violins and flutes. The 1st book [edited by Henry Playford and R. Carr]

Textual works (1)

Ye virgin pow'rs defend my heart. - [138] with Thomas Farmer (16..-1688) as Composer

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