Richard Blackmore (1654-1729)

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Corsham (GB), 22-01-1654
Death : Boxted (GB), 09-10-1729
Note :
Médecin, poète et théologien. - Membre du Royal college of physicians en 1687, médecin ordinaire du roi Guillaume III puis de la reine Anne
Field : Littératures
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0004 4243 2389

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Sir Richard Blackmore and the Wits
The works of the British poets. With prefaces, biographical and critical. By Robert Anderson, M. D. Volume seventh ; containing Parnell, Garth, Rowe, Addison, Hughes, Sheffield, Prior, Congreve, Blackmore, Fenton, Granville, and Yalden.
Blackmore's Creation
Blackmore's Creation
Creation, a philosophical poem, demonstrating the existence and providence of a God, in seven books, by sir Richard Blackmore,... The 5th edition
A Treatise of consumptions and others distempers belonging to the breast and lungs, by sir Richard Blackmore,...
Alfred, an epick poem, in twelve books... by sir Richard Blackmore,...
A Treatise upon small-pox... by sir Richard Blackmore,...
Essays upon several subjects, by sir Richard Blackmore,...
King Arthur, an heroick poem... by Richard Blackmore,... To which is annexed an index explaining the names of countrys, citys and rivers
The Poetical Works of sir R. Blackmore, containing Creation, a philosophical poem, in seven books, to which is prefixed the life of the author. Cooke's edition...
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A paraphrase on the book of job by Richard Blackmore

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Sir Richard Blackmore and the Bible

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