Philip Hayes (1738-1797)

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Gender : masculin
Birth : 1738
Death : 19-03-1797
Note :
Compositeur et organiste
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8387 7756

Activities of Philip Hayes (1738-1797) (19 resources in

Musical work (18)

English keyboard concertos, 1740-1815
The music collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford Part three. - Reel 12
Alleluia. - [20]
Sure women and wine are an excellent theme. - [28]
Ars longa, vita brevis. - [14]
Chairs to mend, old chairs to mend. - [31]
You beat your pate. - [17]
Oh ever against eating cares. - [36]
If neither brass nor marble. - [15]
şyry ʼrẕ yşdʼl
The Village Organist. A Series of Pieces for church and general use, edited by J. Stainer and F. Cunningham Woods. Volume I [-VIII]
The Village Organist. A series of Pieces for Church and General use, edited by J. Stainer and F. Cunningham Woods. Volume I-[VIII]
Cathedral chants of the XVI, XVII, XVIII centuries, edited by Edward F. Rimbault
Amusement for the ladies, being a selection of favorite catches, glees and madrigals
Unbend this working mind awhile. - [54]
Ubi sunt gaudia. - [85]
Ans Werk, aus Werk mit neuen Mut. - [142]
Cathedral music in score composed, by Dr William Hayes,... with Philip Hayes (1738-1797) as Editor

Textual works (1)

Lob Gott getrost mit Singen...

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