Hiroshi Hamaya (1915-1999)

Country : Japon
Language : japonais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 1915
Death : 1999
Note :
Photographe. - Photojournaliste. - Premier photographe japonais à intégrer l'agence Magnum (en 1960)
Variants of the name : 浩 浜谷 (1915-1999) (japonais)
Hamaya Hiroshi (1915-1999) (japonais)
浜谷 浩 (1915-1999) (japonais)
濱谷 浩 (1915-1999) (japonais)
Hiroshi Hamaya (1915-1999)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1933 2716

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Photographe (33)

Ichi no oto, machi no sazameki
Ichi no oto
American America
Japon. Eruption of Mt Tokachi
A festival at the Shrine
Japon. Winter of Tojinbo
Fisherman spearing fish
Fisherman's wives going together sea weed
Japon. A dancer of the Ryukyn Island
A blind female singer
Chine. Canton. Women shaving hair
[Chine en 1956]
Chine. Hsinchiang, Urumi - A boy holding the string instruments
Chine. Pékin. Crown hurraying for Mao Tse-Tung
Snow country's children going to new year's event
The town of seaside
Drag-net fishing under the ice
The carter of the horse drawn sleigh
Steep cliff cutting off the passage
Two women harvesting rice
A woman planting rice
A girl shouldering a baby going on an errand
A farmer's baby sleeping under a mosquitonet
[Nagasaki, 1945]
[Japon 1940-1956... et Pékin]
Boys singing a song to drive noscious birds away new year's event
Chine, Harbin, Mandchourie Half-blood orphanin a orphanage
[Recueil. Photographies originales. Oeuvre de Hiroshi Hamaya]
[Recueil. Photographies originales de Hiroshi Hamava. Oeuvre de grand format]
Women's home work, dying by arms for weaving
Women diver in winter sea
A fisherman's wife who works in a fish factory

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Emergence de la terre
Ura Nihon

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Hiroshi Hamaya

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Ichi no oto, machi no sazameki
Ichi no oto
Japanese postwar photography
Hiroshi Hamaya
[Recueil. Documentation sur Hiroshi Hamaya]
[Recueil. Documentation sur Hiroshi Hamaya]

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