Topic : Écothéologie
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Religion
Variant subject headings : Éco-théologie

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Ancient Christian ecopoetics
Christ, creation, and the cosmic goal of redemption
The Bloomsbury handbook of religion and nature
Routledge handbook of religion and ecology
Avec "Laudato si'", devenir acteur de l'écologie intégrale
Sacred nature
Cultures of communication
The cosmic common good
To care for creation
Praying and campaigning with environmental Christians
Loado seas mi señor y ecología integral
Kabbalah and ecology
Place, ecology, and the sacred
Empowering climate-change strategies with Bernard Lonergan's method
The ecology of coexistence and conflict in Cyprus
Christian faith and the earth
An introduction to Christian environmentalism
Systematic theology and climate change
The blue sapphire of the mind

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