Bloomsbury group

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Creation : 19..
Note :
Cénacle réunissant des artistes et des intellectuels anglais du début du XXe siècle dont Virginia Woolf, Lytton Strachey, John Maynard Keynes, Duncan Grant, Clive et Vanessa Bell
Field : Littératures
Variant of the name : Groupe de Bloomsbury

Documents about Bloomsbury group (60)

Livres (60)

Rooms of their own
The handbook to the Bloomsbury group
Katherine Mansfield and the Bloomsbury group
Bloomsbury influences
The Bloomsbury group memoir club
The angel of Charleston
Virginia Woolf i el grup de Bloomsbury
Julian Bell
Un altro tempo
Aesthetic theory and literary practice
Virginia Woolf's Bloomsbury Volume 2
Beyond Bloomsbury
Le groupe de Bloomsbury
A room of their own
Bloomsbury & British theatre
Snapshots of Bloomsbury
Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf et Vanessa Bell
Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury avant-garde
Psychoanalyse in der englischen Moderne
Bloomsbury rooms
Lily Briscoe's Chinese eyes
A war of individuals
The Bloomsbury group and beyond
Bloomsbury and beyond
A Bloomsbury canvas
Les deux coeurs de Bloomsbury
Bloomsbury and France
The art of Bloomsbury
The Bloomsbury artists
Virginia Woolf ou L'aventure intérieure
Friends and apostles
Aspects of Bloomsbury
Conversations in Bloomsbury
Bloomsbury pie
A Cézanne in the hedge
Ottoline Morrell
Keynes, Bloomsbury, and "The general theory"
Un thé au Bloomsbury
The Bloomsbury group
A Bloomsbury iconography
The Sister's arts
The early literary history of the Bloomsbury group
The Hogarth letters
Deceived with kindness
Bloomsbury aesthetics and the novels of Forster and Woolf
Omega and after
The Omega Workshops
Love in Bloomsbury
Keynes and the Bloomsbury group
Bloomsbury heritage
Bloomsbury portraits
The loving friends

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