Topic : 1865-1918
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Field : Littératures

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The lesbian muse and poetic identity
Bewilderments of vision
Voices of Italian America
How did poetry survive ?
Reading the American novel 1865-1914
Artus in der Neuen Welt
The troubled union
Sex expression and American women writers, 1860-1940
Inventing Black women
American narratives
Slumming in New York
Plays in American periodicals, 1890-1918
Before they could vote
Serialized citizenships
African American literature beyond race
Between profits and primitivism
Beyond the Gibson girl
Peculiar passages
The Cambridge history of American literature Volume 4
Migration - Miscegenation - Transculturation
Love American style
Henry James and queer modernity
Teach the nation
Performing the American frontier, 1870-1906
American literary realism, critical theory, and intellectual prestige, 1880-1995
A question of character
Imagining Los Angeles
The clubwomen's daughter's
Return passages
Rereading the revolution : the turn-of-the-century American revolutionary war novel
Regions of identity
American travel writers
The urban sublime in American literary naturalism
Resisting regionalism
Staging the Jew
Resistance, parody, and double consciousness in African American theatre, 1895-1910
American playwrights, 1880-1945
American realism and American drama
Girls who went wrong
Der Nordamerikanische Roman, 1880-1940
Modern American poetry, 1865-1950
Late nineteenth-century American diary literature / by Steven E. Kagle, ...
The Social construction of American realism
American short story writers 1880-1910
Models for the multitudes
Acquainted with the night
Form and history in American literary naturalism
A World made safe
Dreaming of heroes
Narration and discourse in American realistic fiction
The Immoderate past
La Giungla e il grattacielo
Southern writers and the New South movement
The Popular American novel, 1865-1920
Political fictions
La genèse de l'esprit de révolte dans le roman américain

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Plays and performance texts by women 1880-1930
Italoamericana Volume secondo
Restless spirits

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