Peter Racine Fricker (1920-1990)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Gender : masculin
Birth : Londres (Grande-Bretagne), 05-09-1920
Death : Santa Barbara (Californie), 01-02-1990
Note :
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1442 1250

Activities of Peter Racine Fricker (1920-1990) (13 resources in

Musical work (9)

Remembering Alfred Deller
P. Racine Fricker. Suite for harpsichord
P. Racine Fricker. O longs désire. Song cycle for soprano and orchestra. Op. 39. [Textes de Louise Labé]
P. Racine Fricker. Pastorale for organ...
P. Racine Fricker. Variations for piano, op. 31...
P. Racine Fricker. The Vision of judgement. For soprano and tenor soli, chorus [à 8 v. mixtes] and orchestra. Op. 29. [Texte d'après Christ de Cynewulf. Partition chant et piano]
P. Racine Fricker. Four Impromptus for piano, op. 17
P. Racine Fricker. Symphony n° 2, op. 14 [pour orchestre]...Miniature score
P. Racine Fricker. Quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon. Op. 5 Miniature score...

Textual works (4)

The Orchestral composer's point of view
Michael Tippett, a symposium on his 60th birthday, edited by Ian Kemp
The Composer's point of view. Essays on twentieth-century choral music by those who wrote it, edited by Robert Stephan Hines with Peter Racine Fricker (1920-1990) as Translator
British composers in interview [Malcolm Arnold, Arthur Benjamin, Lennox Berkeley, Benjamin Britten, Alan Bush, Peter Maxwell Davies, Peter Racine Fricker, Alexander Goehr, Iain Hamilton, John Ireland, Elizabeth Lutyens, Edmund Rubbra, Humphrey Searle, Michael Tippett, William Walton, Egon Wellesz]. , Murray Schafer

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