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Pays : États-Unis
Langue : anglais
Création : 1817
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Domaines : Éducation
Autres formes du nom : University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, Mich.
University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, USA

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The Monastery of Saint Catherine at Mount Sinai 1
The Monastery of Saint Catherine at Mount Sinai
Sicily and the Greeks
Garcilaso a lo divino
Principe de la détection à distance et application à l'étude terrestre
The Ayyubids of Damascus
A Word index to the Nibelungenklage
Two-person game theory
The Monastery of Saint Catherine at Mount Sinai 2
Radiation uses in industry and science
The University of Michigan, History of the modern world
The Michigan schoolmasters' club, a story of the 1st seven decades, 1886-1957, by Leslie A. Butler
Ars orientalis 2
The Passing of American neutrality, 1937-1941. Donald F. Drummond
Ancient Italy, a study of the interrelations of its peoples as shown in their arts. Gisela M. A. Richter
Netherlanders in America, Dutch immigration to the United States and Canada, 1789-1950. Henry S. Lucas
The Right to Counsel in American courts. William M. Beaney
On "A Mask presented at Ludlow-Castle", by John Milton. [Edited by] John Arthos
Development index, a proposed pattern for organizing and facilitating the flow of information needed by man in furthering his own development, with particular reference to the development of buildings and communities and other forms of environmental control. [By K. Lönberg-Holm and C. Theodore Larson. Preface by William H. Scheick.]
The Sources of Hojeda's la Cristiada, by... Mary Edgar Meyer,...
Laurence Nowell's Vocabularium Saxonicum. Edited by Albert H. Marckwardt
Presidential succession, by Ruth C. Silva
Public use of the library and other sources of information, by Angus Campbell and Charles A. Metzner. [Foreword by Robert D. Leigh.]
Morphology, the descriptive analysis of words. Eugene A. Nida. 2nd and completely new edition,...
Tone languages, a technique for determining the number and type of pitch contrasts in a language, with studies in tonemic substitution and fusion. Kenneth L. Pike
The Concept of religious tolerance in the novels of Enrica von Handel-Mazzetti... by Alcuin A. Hemmen,...
Reports of the Greenland expeditions of the University of Michigan (1926-31)... Part I, Aërology, expeditions of 1926 and 1927-29, S.-P. Fergusson, editor
Some problems of the University, a statement issued by Alexander G. Ruthven upon his acceptance of the presidency, October 4, 1929. With a biographical sketch
University of Michigan studies. Humanistic series
The President's report for...
The President's report for the year...
University of Michigan publications. Linguistics
University of Michigan studies. Scientific series
Architecture and planning series
The Raca is on. A capsule story of the Michigan Memorial-Phoenix project of the University of Michigan
Contributions in modern philology
University of Michigan education monographs
University of Michigan history of the modern world
University of Michigan official publication. Questions on the University. The dinner to President Ruthven celebrating ten years of progress
University of Michigan publications. History and political science. Vol...
University of Michigan publications. Language and Literature
University of Michigan publications. Law
University of Michigan publications. Linguistics

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