Etats-Unis. Office of naval research

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Pays : États-Unis
Langue : anglais
Création : 1946
Site Web :
Adresse : 875 N. Randolph Street, Suite 1425, One Liberty Center, VA 22203-1995, Arlington.
Autres formes du nom : Etats-Unis. Department of the Navy. Office of naval research
Etats-Unis. Navy department. Office of naval research
Etats Unis. Navy department. Office of research and inventions
Etats-Unis. Navy. Office of naval research
Office of naval research. Etats-Unis
Office of naval research. Etats-Unis

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Magnetic susceptibility of superconductors and other spin systems
Advanced techniques for microstructural characterization
Inequalities in statistics and probability
The Kluwer international series in engineering and computer science
Children "of" military families
Organizational communication
A Bibliographical sourcebook of compressed air, diving and submarine medicine... 3
The Collected papers of Sir Thomas Havelock on hydrodynamics
Psychobiological approaches to social behavior
Marine borers
Recruiting scientists and engineers for the United States civil service
Properties of titanium compounds and relatd substances
U.S. Navy marine climatic atlas of the world
How to build terrain models, prepared for the U.S. Office of education, Washington

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Arctic drifting stations
Thesaurus of engineering and scientific terms
Project Sealab report, an experimental 45-Day undersea saturation dive at 205 feet
Research in the service of national purpose
Directory of Department of Defense information analysis centers
Lecture series. Problems of satellites and space operations
Coastal sandforms of the World
Titanium, report of symposium on titanium... 16 december 1948. [Foreword by T. A. Solberg. Welcoming address by William H. Leahy. Introduction by J. J. Harwood.]
Employment opportunities in the Navy department for scientists and technicians...
Across the top of the world, a discussion of the Arctic, prepared by M. C. Shelesnyak,... With an Arctic book list, by Wilhjalmur Stefansson,... [Foreword by Captain William H. Leahy. Introduction by Sir Hubert Wilkins.]
Office of naval research. A statement of policy and organisation
How to build terrain models, prepared for the U.S. Office of education, Washington
Foreign field research program

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The infrared handbook
The infrared handbook

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Mental models

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