Rom Harré

Langue : anglais
Sexe : masculin
Note :
A enseigné la philosophie des sciences, Linacre College, Oxford, GB, et les sciences sociales et les sciences du comportement, State university of New York, Albany, N.Y.
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2095 4854

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Éditeur scientifique (18)

Questioning causality
The psychology of friendship and enmity
Psychology for the third millennium
The emotions
The emotions
Rethinking psychology
Discursive psychology in practice
Rethinking methods in psychology
Linguistics and philosophy
Pronouns and people
Philosophical foundations of quantum field theory
Social worlds of childhood
The dictionary of developmental and educational psychology
The Meaning of primate signals
The Analysis of action
Scientific thought 1900-1960
Some 19th century British scientists
The principles of linguistic philosophy

Auteur du texte (15)

Pavlov's dogs and Schrödinger's cat
Key thinkers in psychology
Wittgenstein and psychology
Realism rescued
The discursive mind
Varieties of realism
Personal being
The rules of disorder
Causal powers
The Explanation of social behaviour
The philosophies of science
The Principles of scientific thinking
Introducción a la lógica de las ciencias
The anticipation of nature

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The biologising of childhood
The manufacture of knowledge

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People and societies

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