James Joyce (1882-1941)

Pays : Irlande
Langue : anglais
Sexe : masculin
Naissance : Dublin (Irlande), 02-02-1882
Mort : Zurich (Suisse), 13-01-1941
Note :
Romancier, auteur dramatique, poète et critique. - Professeur
Domaines : Littératures
Autre forme du nom : James Augustine Aloysus Joyce (1882-1941)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2130 2495

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James Joyce and the matter of Paris
James Joyce's America
Lacan, lecteur de Joyce
James Joyce and absolute music
Looking out on the fields
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Nonlinear temporality in Joyce and Walcott
Amnesia and the nation
The Joyce country
James Joyce and genetic criticism
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Mad, bad, dangerous to know
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At fault
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Up to maughty London
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The Celtic unconscious
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A long the Krommerun
New quotatoes
Joycean legacies
Voices on Joyce
Modernists at odds
James Joyce, science, and modernist print culture
Joyce's ghosts
James Joyce
Religion and aesthetic experience in Joyce and Yeats
Maschere della modernità
Joyce's creative process and the construction of characters in "Ulysses"
James Joyce and the exilic imagination
Irish cosmopolitanism
Lacan, lecteur de Joyce
Doubtful points
Cristianesimo ed ebraismo in Joyce
Romanian Joyce
Zois in nighttown
Sur James Joyce
Memory Ireland Volume 4
James Joyce
James Joyce, urban planning, and Irish modernism
Brouillons d'un baiser
Writing from the margins of Europe
James Joyce
The strong spirit
Derrida and Joyce
James Joyce
Joyce's love stories
James Joyce in the nineteenth century
Renascent Joyce
Revisiting James Joyce
Scandal work
The ethics of love
Violence, narrative and myth in Joyce and Yeats
Joyce's Nietzschean ethics
James Joyce
Italian Joyce
Joyce intimo spogliato in piazza
James Joyce
To saturate every atom
Journey westward
James Joyce
A thought-tormented music
La veglia di Joyce
Metropolis and experience
Joyce, give and take
Joyce, une lecture amoureuse
James Joyce, la vita, le lettere
"Strandentwining cable"
Joyce, T. S. Eliot, Auden, Beckett
The German Joyce
The beauty of mortal conditions
This timecoloured place
Joyce and militarism
The poetry of James Joyce reconsidered
Joyce and the science of rhythm
The James Joyce collection of Alexander Neubauer
James Joyce and the nineteenth-century French novel
James Joyce
Making space in the works of James Joyce
Empire and pilgrimage in Conrad and Joyce
James Joyce
Topografie per Joyce
James Joyce travesti par trois clercs parisiens
Thinking in literature
La ruta Joyce
Foundational essays in James Joyce studies
Borges and Joyce
Errears and erroriboose
Joyce against theory
"Ulysses" in focus
Vigorous Joyce
Who's afraid of James Joyce?
Hypermedia Joyce
James Joyce and the burden of disease
Stèle pour James Joyce
James Joyce
James Joyce and after
Help my unbelief
The self as object in modernist fiction
Decolonising modernism
The nets of modernism
Proust-Joyce, Deleuze-Lacan
Joyce, medicine, and modernity
James Joyce and the revolt of love
Roll away the reel world
James Joyce metamorphosis and re-writing
Egger, Dujardin, Joyce
Everyman's Joyce
James Joyce
James Joyce developing Irish identity
Beckett's Dedalus
Die Joyce-Rezeption in der deutschsprachigen Erzählliteratur nach 1945
Il caleidoscopio della scrittura
James Joyce in context
James Joyce
Measuring the sadness
Questioni biografiche
Joyce in progress
New perspectives on James Joyce
Proust and Joyce in dialogue
Nase für Neuigkeiten
Joycean elements in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "the Great Gatsby"
Yeats and Joyce
A passion for Joyce
Au sujet de James Joyce
Catholic nostalgia in Joyce and company
Manuscript genetics, Joyce's know-how, Beckett's nohow
Myriadminded men
Joyce, imperialism, & postcolonialism
Machinic modernism
Cannibal Joyce
Joyce's misbelief
The incarnation of language
A companion to James Joyce
Joyce barocco
Party pieces
Catholic emancipations
James Joyce's negations
Theorists of the modernist novel
Imagining Joyce and Derrida
Fictions of hybridity
Joyce in Trieste
Joyce and-in translation
"Who chose this face for me ?"
Proust y Joyce en ámbitos rioplatenses
Voice, boundary, and identity in the works of James Joyce
James Joyce and the mythology of modernism
Joyce, Ireland, Britain
Joyce og Danmark
Idling the engine
Joyce und Menippos : "a portrait of the artist as an old dog"
James Joyce
Joyce and company
Trois jours avec Joyce
Critical companion to James Joyce
James Joyce and the act of reception
Joyce and the narrative structure of incest
Joyce & Jung
James Joyce, l'Irlande, le Québec, les mots
Meneer Joyce in Vlissingen
Polyglot Joyce
Flaubert, Joyce and Beckett
Joyce on the threshold
Wake rites
Las poéticas de James Joyce y Luis Martín-Santos
Le séminaire Livre XXIII
Palgrave advances in James Joyce studies
James Joyce and German theory
James Joyce et la création d'"Ulysse"
Joyce in art
A James Joyce chronology
Joyce in Italy, l'italiano in Joyce
Expert modernists, matricide, and modern culture
Lucia Joyce
James Joyce and the problem of psychoanalysis
Rituals of literature
The 'Finnegans wake' notebooks at Buffalo
James Joyce
Le roman du poète
The Joyce we knew
Twenty-first Joyce
Joyce's messianism
Joyce's critics
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James Stephens, Joyce and John Sullivan in Paris
Joyce's dance by Desmond Harmsworth
Cartoon of Joyce and his friends by Scott Fitzgerald
James Joyce in the 1920's
Ford Madox Ford, Joyce, Ezra Pound and John Quinn in Pound's Paris Studio
Sylvia Beach and James Joyce in front of her bookshop
James Joyce
James Joyce
Recueil. James Joyce. Documents iconographiques
James Joyce

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Jung, Carl Gustav (1875-1961). Ulysses von James Joyce (4-MRe-173)
Joyce, James (1882-1941)Ulysses (NAF 28951 (17))
Sur Joyce (NAF 28951 (17))
Joulie - Keyser (LJ-Mn-169(1))

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James Joyce
James Joyce
James Joyce

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James Joyce
James Joyce
James Joyce reads selections from Ulysses, Finnegans wake

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James Joyce

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