Paul Studer (1879-1927)

Pays : Grande-Bretagne
Langue : anglais
Sexe : masculin
Naissance : Bienne, Suisse, 1879
Mort : Oxford, GB, 23-01-1927
Note :
Spécialiste de littérature anglaise du Moyen âge. - Professeur à l'Université d'Oxford
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8387 2015

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Anglo-Norman lapidaries, by Paul Studer,... and Joan Evans,...
Anglo-Norman lapidaries, by Paul Studer, M. A., D. Lit. Taylorian Professor of Romance Languages in the University of Oxford and Joan Evans, B. Litt. Sometime Librarian of St Hugh's College, Oxford
The Study of Anglo-Norman, inaugural lecture... by Paul Studer,...
Supplement to the Oak book of Southampton... by P. Studer,... containing notes on the Anglo-French dialect of Southampton (early 14th century), glossary and indexes
The Oak Book of Southampton of "c". A. D. 1300, transcribed and edited from the unique MS. in the Audit House, with translation, introduction, notes, etc., by P. Studer,... Vol. I, including the Anglo-French ordinances of the ancient Guild merchant of Southampton. [Vol. II, including a fourteenth century version of the mediaeval sea-laws known as the Rolls of Oleron.]

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