Osbert Sitwell (1892-1969)

Pays : Grande-Bretagne
Langue : anglais
Sexe : masculin
Naissance : 06-12-1892
Mort : 04-05-1969
Note :
Écrivain. - Frère de Edith et Sacheverell Sitwell
Domaines : Littératures
Autre forme du nom : Francis Osbert Sacheverell Sitwell (1892-1969)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0856 2305

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Pound Wise
Tales my father taught me
Fee Fi Fo Fum ! A book of fairy stories, by Osbert Sitwell
William Walton. Belshazzar's feast, for mixed choir, baritone solo and orchestra. Text arranged from Biblical sources by Osbert Sitwell
The Four continents, being more discursions on travel, art and life, by Osbert Sitwell. Drawings by Daniel Maloney
Sculpture of the Renaissance and later periods. - Numbers 38-71
Collected stories. Osbert Sitwell
Noble essences, or Courteous revelations, being of a book of characters and the 5th and last volume of "Left hand, right hand !" an autobiography, by Osbert Sitwell
Winters of content and other discursions on Mediterranean art and travel, by Osbert Sitwell
Airs graves, airs légers("Sing high ! Sing low !"), traduit de l'anglais par M. T. Guéritte. [Introduction de G. Jean-Aubry.]
Before the bombardment, by Osbert Sitwell
Demos, the emperor, a secular oratorio, by Osbert Stiwell
Escape with me ! An oriental sketchbook, by Osbert Sitwell
Laughter in the next room
Escape with me !
Great morning being the third volume of "Left hand, right hand", an autobiography by Osbert Sitwell
Miracle on Sinai, a satirical novel, by Osbert Sitwell. [New edition.]
Alive-alive oh !
The Scarlet tree
The True story of Dick Whittington, by Osbert Sitwell
A book of essays. Sing high ! Sing low ! By Osbert Sitwell
Left hand, right hand ! an autobiography, by Osbert Sitwell. Vol. 1 : The cruel month
Gentle Caesar, a play in 3 acts, by R. J. Minney and Osbert Sitwell
Open the door !
Those were the days, panorama with figures. Osbert Sitwell
Miracle on Sinaï, a satirical novel, by Osbert Sitwell
What it feels like to be an author
Miracle on Sinaï
L'homme qui se perdit lui-même
Dickens, by Osbert Sitwell
The Collected satires and poems of Osbert Sitwell
The Man who lost himself, by Osbert Sitwell...
Miss Mew, by Osbert Sitwell
The People's album of London statues, described by Osbert Sitwell. Drawn by Nina Hamnett
All at sea, a social tragedy in 3 acts for 1st-class passengers only, by Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell, with a preface entitled "A Few days in an author's life", by Osbert Sitwell
Argonaut and Juggernaut. Osbert Sitwell
England reclaimed...
Who killed Cock-Robin ? Remarks on poetry, on its criticism, and, as a sad warning, the story of Eunuch Arden, by Osbert Sitwell
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Reading from his poetry

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Die Ästhetik der Frühen Moderne am Beispiel von Osbert Sitwell
Osbert Sitwell
A bibliography of Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell
Tales my father taught me
[Recueil. Dossiers biographiques Boutillier du Retail. Documentation sur Edith, Osbert et Sacheverell Sitwell]

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