Colin Renfrew

Pays : Grande-Bretagne
Langue : anglais
Sexe : masculin
Note :
Archéologue. - En poste : McDonald Institute for archaeological research, University of Cambridge, GB (en 2014)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1468 8262

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Ritual, play and belief, in evolution and early human societies
Early Cycladic sculpture in context
Death rituals, social order, and the archaeology of immortality in the ancient world
The Cambridge world prehistory
The Archaeology of measurement
Cognitive life of things
Becoming human
The sapient mind
Simulations, genetics and human prehistory
Image and imagination
Phylogenetic methods and the prehistory of languages
Material engagements
Rethinking materiality
Prehistoric Sitagroi Volume 2
Prehistoric steppe adaptation and the horse
Ancient interactions
Examining the farming / language dispersal hypothesis
America past, America present
Cognition and material culture
The Ancient mind
Excavations at Sitagroi Volume 1
Peer polity interaction and socio-political change
The Prehistory of Orkney
An Island polity
Ranking, resource and exchange
Antiquity and man : essays in honour of Glyn Daniel
The Explanation of culture change

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The pottery from Dhaskalio
Cognitive archaeology from theory to practice
The emergence of civilisation
Loot, legitimacy and ownership
L'énigme indo-européenne
The roots of ethnicity
The Cycladic spirit
L'Enigme indo-européenne
Archaeology and language
The Idea of prehistory
Approaches to social archaeology
Approaches to social archaeology
Les Origines de l'Europe
Investigations in Orkney
Problems in European prehistory
Before civilization
The Emergence of civilisation
Excavations at Phylakopi in Melos 1974-77

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Nature & nature
Nature & nature

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The Nostratic macrofamily and linguistic palaeontology
Amber in Prehistoric Britain

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Studies in the archaeological history of the Deh Luran plain

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New approaches in archeology

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Excavations at Saliagos

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