Ronald Eric Emmerick

Pays : Grande-Bretagne
Langue : anglais
Sexe : masculin
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Chargé de cours, Iranian studies School of Oriental and African studies, University of London (en 1968). - Membre de l'Université de Hambourg, Allemagne (en 1982)
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Studies in the vocabulary of Khotanese III
A Chinese text in central Asian Brahmi script
The Dunhuang Ms. Ch. 00120 : its importance for reconstructing the phonological system of Khotanese
Iranian [numerals]
Old Indian
The Svastika antidote
The Turkish-Khotanese wordlist revised
Khotanese kīrästānä "Christian" ?
Some remarks on Tibetan sphygmology
Thoughts on Khotanese e and O
Khotanese "birre"
Khotanese Ma "not"
Khotanese śāman-"face"
RGas-pa gso-ba
Some more Khotanese akṣaras
Two more Khotanese ghostwords
3.2.3. Khotanese and Tumshuqese
Some verses from the Laṅkāvatārasūtra in Khotanese
Tibetan nor-ra-re
Auxiliaries in Khotanese
Buddhism in Central Asia
Epilepsy according to the Rgyud-bźi
Studies in the vocabulary of Khotanese 2
The Transition from Old to Late Khotanese
Another fragment of the Sanskrit Sumukhadhāraṇī
Die Lepra in Indien
"ruki" in Khotanese ?
Some emendations to the text of Ravigupta's Siddhasāra
Khotanese baljse
Khotanese Bāljse. (Resümee.)
Ein Männlein steht im Walde
Tibetan loanwords in Khotanese and Khotanese loanwords in Tibetan
The Tumshuqese Karmavācanā text
Ca tteya khi in the Musée Guimet
Khotanese vī hā
A new khotanese document from China
Newly discovered Buddhist texts from Khoten
Some remarks on the history of leprosy in India
Tibetan lexical notes
Buddhism among Iranian peoples
The Iranian settlements to the East of the Pamirs
Newly-discovered buddhist texts from Khotan
Some lexical items from the Siddhasāra
Some more loanwords in Khotanese
Some remarks on translation techniques of the Khotanese
The Crosby collection
Hoernle and the Jivaka-pustaka
Studies in the vocabulary of Khotanese 1
Studies in the vocabulary of Khotanese
Arsenic and sida
The Case against ṣun
The Consonant phonemes of Khotanese
Elai - bā̧mä
Khotanese bihīya again
Khotanese hamāñuna
Ravigupta's Siddhasāra in Arabic
Two Indian loanwords in Khotanese
Khotanese byāñä
R-/n-stems in Khotanese
The Verses of prince Tcūṃ-ttehi
Contributions to the study of the Jīvaka-pustaka
A guide to the litterature of Khotan
On the indexation of Sanskrit medical verses and prescriptions
Pelliot Tibétain 0821
Some lexical items from the Rgyud-bźi
The Concluding verses of the Khotanese Vajracchedikā
The Confession of acts
Ravigupta's place in Indian medical tradition
Sources of the Rgyud-bźi
Three monsters in Khotan
A chapter from the Rgyud-bźi
A Khotanese fragment : P 5536 bis
The Beginnings of Iranian comparative philology
Indo-Iranian languages
New light of the Siddhasāra
Note on a Khotanese inscription in the Bremen Überseemuseum
A propos Sanskrit mālākanda
Some Khotanese donors
Commodianus and Khotanese metrics
Khotanese glossary to "Nanda the Merchant"
Khotanese metrics again
Agane no more
Avestan Vaare Yaona
Four Khotanese words
On Ravigupta's Gaṇas
The Sanskrit text of the Siddhasāra
Nanda the merchant
Some Chorasmian and Khotanese etymologies
The Sūtra of Golden light
Avestan AAU again
The Khotanese manuscript "Huntington K"
Notes on "The Book of Zambasta."
"Old age" in Sogdian
Khotanese metrics
A Khotanese verb-list
Names from Central Asia
Notes on the prophecy of the arhat Samghavardhana
Saka grammatical studies
Some Khotanese inscriptions on objets d'art
The Mustard upamā
Notes on the "Tale of Bhadra"
Some reinterpretations in the Avesta
The Ten new folios of Khotanese
Tibetan texts concerning Khotan
Tibetan texts concerning Khotan
The Nine new fragments from the book of Zambasta
Syntax of the cases in Khotanese
Harold Walter Bailey. [Bibliography.]
The Historical importance of the Khotanese manuscripts
The Indexation of Sanskrit medical texts : progress and prospects
A Khotanese nightmare
Khotanese nuvata
A Khotanese version of the Sutra of the Lord of healing
A note on the Kyoto Siddhasāra manuscript
Postscript to "Some reinterpretations in the Avesta"
Research on Khotanese : a survey (1979-1982)
Some Khotanese past participles
"Speak" and "prosper" in Khotanese
A stanza from the verses of prince Tcūṃ-ttehi
The Vowel phonemes of Khotanese

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The sūtra of the golden light
The Siddhasāra of Ravigupta Volume 2

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