Alan Barnard

Pays : Grande-Bretagne
Langue : anglais
Note :
University of Edinburgh, Department of social anthropology (en 1985)
Autre forme du nom : Alan J. Barnard
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0919 7936

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Language in prehistory
Genesis of symbolic thought
Social anthropology and human origins
Anthropology and the Bushman
History and theory in anthropology
Les Bochimans du Kalahari
Hunters and herders of southern Africa
The Present condition of Bushman groups
A Nharo wordlist with notes on grammar
The Perception and utilisation of morama,
Research practices in the study of kinship

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The Routledge encyclopedia of social and cultural anthropology
Hunter-gatherers in history, archaeology and anthropology
Encyclopedia of social and cultural anthropology

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