John Masefield (1878-1967)

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Pays : Grande-Bretagne
Langue : anglais
Sexe : masculin
Naissance : Ledbury, GB, 01-06-1878
Mort : Abingdon, GB, 12-05-1967
Note :
Écrivain. - Poète
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1028 8253

John Masefield (1878-1967) : œuvres (84)

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Sea fever
Martin Hyde
Par les moyens du bord
John Masefield
La course du thé
La course du thé
John Masefield's letters from the front, 1915-1917
Letters to Margaret Bridges
Selected poems
Letters of John Masefield to Florence Lamont
The Twenty-five days
The Old front line
Par les moyens du bord ["Victorious troy or the" Hurrying angel]. Adapté par Pierre Rigaut
Grace before ploughing, fragments of autobiography
The Midnight Folk
The midnight folk
The Bluebells and other verse
Pierre et Michèle Hebert. Les Chiens de l'enfer, transcription en vers de the Hounds of Hell, par John Masefield. Texte bilingue. Dessins originaux de Jean Roussel
Poems, by John Masefield...
The Midnight folk, a novel by John Masefield
Thanks before going, by John Masefield, notes on some of the original poems of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Ballet education, by Nadine Nicolaeva-Legat. With a poem by John Masefield. Preface by Sir Paul Dukes,...
William Shakespeare
Thanks before going...
I want! I want!... [National book council second, annual lecture]
New chum
In the mill
La Course du thé[The Bird of dawning]. Traduit de l'anglais par Régine et Victor Gueit
Par les moyens du bord[Victorious Troy or The "Hurrying Angel"], adapté de l'anglais par Pierre Rigaut
The Bird of dawning
The Bird of dawning
Chaucer, by John Masefield...
The Collected poems of John Masefield
The Coming of Christ, by John Masefield
Midsummer Night and other tales in verse
The trial of Jesus... [Boars Hill, Music room, May 9th, 1925.]
The Trial of Jesus, by John Masefield. [Boars Hill, Music room, May 9th, 1925.]
Shakespeare and spiritual life
A King's daughter, a tragedy in verse, by John Masefield
A Mainsail Haul, by John Masefield...
King Cole, and other poems, by John Masefield
Reynard the Fox, or the Ghost heath run, by John Masefield
Melloney Holtspur, by John Masefield...
Dauber, a poem, by John Masefield
Lollingdon downs and other poems, with sonnets...
Lollington downs, and other poems, with sonnets, by John Masefield
Reynard the Fox or The Ghost heath run, by John Masefield, illustrated by G. D. Armour
Salt-water, ballads, by John Masefield
Right royal...
Enslaved, and other poems, by John Masefield
Philip the King and other poems...
The Tragedy of Pompey the great, by John Masefield,...
Philip the King, and other poems, by John Masefield
Good Friday, and other poems, by John Masefield,...
Gallipoli, by John Masefield,...
The Everlasting mercy and the widow in the bye street, by John Masefield,... New revised edition
The Widow in the bye street
A Tarpaulin muster, by John Masefield
The Tragedy of Nan, and others plays, by John Masefield
The Everlasting mercy
Lost endeavour
Multitude and solitude, by John Masefield,...
Captain Margaret, a romance by John Masefield...
On the Spanish main, or Some English forays on the isthmus of Darien, with a description of the buccaneers, and a short account of old-time ships and sailors, by John Masefield...
With the living voice
Martin Hyde, the duke's messenger, by John Masefield,...
John Masefield. - [5]
Sea life in Nelson's time, by John Masefield
A Generation risen
En lisant le "Pont du ciel". - [1]

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Mourning dance. - [2]

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Where does the uttered music go ?. - [6]

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John Masefield. - [5]

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John Masefield bibliography
John Masefield
The 'New drama', 1900-1914
John Masefield

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Masefield, John (1878-1967) (EGC)
Photographie de John Masefield à une exposition d'oeuvres de Craig, par la London News Agency Photos Ltd / Photograph of John Masefield visting a Craig exhibition, by the London News Agency Photos Ltd (EGC-PHO-400)
". Outside. John Masefield's teatro in 1928 by EGC in the year. " (EGC-ICO-44)

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