Histoire religieuse -- Angleterre (GB) -- 16e siècle

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Thème : Histoire religieuse -- Angleterre (GB) -- 16e siècle
Origine : RAMEAU
Autre forme du thème : Angleterre (GB) -- Histoire religieuse -- 16e siècle

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Parish clergy wives in Elizabethan England
Defending the faith
English aristocratic women and the fabric of piety, 1450-1550
Enrico VIII e lo scisma anglicano
Heinrich VIII. und die englische Reformation
Reforming printing
Oaths and the English Reformation
Trials of Margaret Clitherow
English Catholic exiles in late sixteenth-century Paris
Politics and the Paul's Cross sermons, 1558-1642
Recusancy and conformity in early modern England
Fires of faith
Image, text and Church
The Prior of the Knights Hospitaller in late medieval England
Catholic resistance in Elizabethan England
Catholicism and community in early modern England
The theology and spirituality of Mary Tudor's Church
Philip Melanchthon and the English Reformation
Lollardy and orthodox religion in pre-reformation England
Religious identities in Henri VIII's England
"De adeundis ecclesiis protestantium"
Conferences and combination lectures in the Elizabethan Church
The trail of martyrdom
Scotland, England, and the Reformation 1534-61
Religion, politics, and society in sixteenth-century England
Preaching during the English Reformation
Beliefs and the dead in Reformation England
The correspondence of Reginald Pole
The beginnings of English Protestantism
John Foxe and his world
The English Reformation
The Antichrist's lewd hat
Selling the church
The boy king
The pilgrimage of grace and the politics of the 1530s
Tudor Church militant
Aspects of English Protestantism, c. 1530-1700
Reginald Pole
Cardinal Pole in European context
Persecution and toleration in Protestant England, 1558-1689
Clerical marriage and the English Reformation
Catholicism and anti-catholicism in early modern English texts
Popular religion in sixteenth-century England
Religion and the English people, 1500-1640
Belief and practice in Reformation England
Religion and culture in Renaissance England
The pre-Reformation Church in England
The culture of English puritanism
Marian protestantism
The Church of England
Religion and society in early modern England
Virgin mother, maiden queen
Reformation to Revolution
Between known men and visible saints
John a Lasco in England
The stripping of the altars
The early Tudor church and society, 1485-1529
English reformations
Freewill or predestination
Religious radicals in Tudor England
The Suppression of the monasteries in the West country
The Contemporary printed literature of the English Counter-Reformation between 1558 and 1640
Heresy and reformation in the south-east of England, 1520-1559
Tudor Apocalypse
Episcopacy and the royal supremacy in the Church of England in the XVI century
The Marian exiles
La Réforme anglicane au XVIe siècle
Histoire merveilleuse et espouvantable advenue en Angleterre, és moys de juillet et aoust derniers passez à l'instant d'une sentence donnee contre Roland Jenkes catholique

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