Congrès international d'histoire économique (10 ; 1990 ; Louvain, Belgique)

Création : 19-08-1990
Fin d'activité : 24-08-1990

Congrès international d'histoire économique (10 ; 1990 ; Louvain, Belgique) : œuvres (10)

Auteur du texte (9)

Sectoral changes in industry after World War II
Debates and controversies in economic history, A-sessions
Economic effects of the French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, session B-1
Ethnic minority groups in town and countryside and their effects on economic development, 1850-1940, session B-5
The European discovery of the world and its economic effects on pre-industrial society, 1500-1800
Liberalism and paternalism in the 19th century, session B-13
Recent doctoral research in economic history, D-sessions
Shipping and trade, 1750-1950
Unemployment and underemployment in historical perspectives, session B-9

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The role of landlords and peasants in the agricultural progress of the XVIII-XIXth centuries

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