Harold Idris Bell (1879-1967)

Pays : Grande-Bretagne
Langue : anglais
Sexe : masculin
Naissance : Epworth, GB, 02-10-1879
Mort : Aberystwyth, GB, 22-01-1967
Note :
A aussi traduit du gallois en anglais
Historien. - Spécialiste en égyptologie et en papyrologie. - Responsable des Manuscrits au British Museum. - Était en poste à l'Université d'Oxford, GB
Autre forme du nom : Harold Idris Bell (1879-1967)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1032 6061

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Carteggio 1926-1949
The Nature of poetry, as conceived by the Welsh bards, by Sir H. Idris Bell,...
Cults and creeds in Graeco-Roman Egypt... by H. Idris Bell
Recent discoveries of biblical papyri
Juden und Griechen im römischen Alexandreia, eine historische Skizze des alexandrinischen Antisemitismus, von H. I. Bell...
Jews and Christians in Egypt, the Jewish troubles in Alexandria and the Athanasian controversy... Edited by H. Idris Bell,... With three Coptic texts edited by W. E. Crum,...
Wadi Sarga, Coptic and Greek texts from the excavations undertaken by the Byzantine research account, edited by W. E. Crum and H. I. Bell, with an introduction by R. Campbell Thompson
The Aphrodito Papyri...
The Aphrodito Papyri, edited by H. I. Bell,... With an appendix of Coptic papyri, edited by W. E. Crum,...
Greek Papyri in the British Museum. Catalogue, with texts. Edited by F. G. Kenyon,... and H. I. Bell,...
Robin Ernest William Flower

Préfacier (2)

Scribes and correctors of the "Codex sinaiticus", by H. J. M. Milne and T. C. Skeat,... including contributions by Douglas Cockerell... [Preface by H. I. Bell.]
A Guide to a select exhibition of Cottonian manuscripts in celebration of the tercentenary of the death of Sir Robert Cotton, British museum, 6 May 1931

Traducteur (1)

A History of Welsh literature, by Thomas Parry,... Translated from the Welsh by H. Idris Bell

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