William Kingdon Clifford (1845-1879)

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Pays : Grande-Bretagne
Langue : anglais
Sexe : masculin
Naissance : Exeter, GB, 04-05-1845
Mort : Madeira, Espagne, 03-03-1879
Note :
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1026 7241

William Kingdon Clifford (1845-1879) : œuvres (15 ressources dans data.bnf.fr)

Œuvres textuelles (12)

L'immoralité de la croyance religieuse
L'éthique de la croyance. - [1]
The ethics of belief
The common sense of the exact science
The Common Sense of the exact sciences
Lectures and essays, by the late William Kingdon Clifford,... Edited by Leslie Stephen and sir Frederick Pollock...
Lectures and essays
Seeing and thinking, by the late William Kingdon Clifford,...
Mathematical Papers, by William Kingdon Clifford. Edited by Robert Tucker, with an introduction by H. J. Stephen Smith
Mathematical Fragments, being facsimiles of his unfinished papers relating to the theory of graphs, by the late W. K. Clifford
Seeing and thinking
Elements of dynamic, an introduction to the study of motion and rest in solid and fluid bodies, by W. K. Clifford,...

Œuvres mixtes (3)

Three lectures on psychology
Mathematical papers
Mathematical papers

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