Peter Schreiber

Pays :Allemagne
Langue :allemand
Sexe :masculin
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Mathématicien. - En poste : University Greifswald, Allemagne (en 2015)
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0001 0898 9296

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  • 5000 [Fünftausend] Jahre Geometrie

    Geschichte Kulturen Menschen

    Description matérielle : XIII-596 p.
    Description : Note : Bibliogr. p. [559]-577. Index
    Édition : Berlin : Springer , 2001
    Autre auteur du texte : Christoph J. Scriba (1929-2013)

  • 5000 years of geometry

    Mathematics in history and culture

    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (XII-626 p.)
    Description : Note : Notes bibliogr.
    Abstract : "This present volume provides a fascinating overview of geometrical ideas and perceptions from the earliest cultures to the mathematical and artistic concepts of the 20the century. It is the English translation of the 3rd edition of the well received German book "5000 jahre geometrie", in which geometry is presented as a chain of developments in cultural history and their interaction with architecture, the visual arts, philosophy, science, and engineering. Geometry originated in the ancient cultures along the Indus and Nile Rivers and in Mesopotamia, experiencing its first "Golden Age" in Ancient Greece. Inspired by the Greek mathematics, a new germ of geometry blossomed in the Islamic civilizations. Through the Oriental influence on Spain, this knowledge later spread to Western Europe. Here, as part of the medieval Quadrium, the understanding of geometry was deepened, leading to a revival during the Renaissance. Together with parallel achievements in India, China, Japan and the ancient American cultures, the European approaches formed the ideas and branches of geometry we know in the modern age : coordinate methods, analytical geometry, descriptive and projective geometry in the 17th and 18th century, axiom systems, geometry as a theory with multiple structures, and geometry in computer sciences in the 19th and 20th centuries/ Each chapter of the book starts with a table of key historical and cultural dates and ends with a summary of essential contents of geometry in the respective era. Compelling examples invite the reader to further explore the problems of geometry in ancient and modern times. (source : 4ème de couverture)
    Édition : Basel ; Heidelberg ; New-York ; Dordrecht ; London : Springer : Birkhäuser , cop. 2015
    Autre auteur du texte : Christoph J. Scriba (1929-2013)

  • Euklid

    Description matérielle : 159 p.
    Description : Note : Bibliogr. p. 146-153. Index
    Édition : Leipzig : B. G. Teubner , 1987
    Collaborateur : Sonja Brentjes


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  • 5000 years of geometry

    mathematics in history and culture

    Description matérielle : 1 ressource dématérialisée
    Description : Note : Titre de l'écran-titre (visionné le 3 juillet 2015)
    Comprend des références bibliographiques
    Édition : New York ; London : Springer Basel , 2015
    Auteur du texte : Christoph J. Scriba (1929-2013)


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  • Euklid / Peter Schreiber ; unter mitw. von Sonja Brentjes, 1987
    5000 years of geometry / Christoph J. Scriba, Peter Schreiber, 2015
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