Michał Kobusiewicz

Pays : Pologne
Langue : polonais
Sexe : masculin
Note :
Écrit aussi en anglais
Archéologue. - En poste : Instytut archeologii i etnologii, Poznań, PAN, Pologne (en 1993)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2140 2437

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Hunter-gatherers and early food producing societies in Northeastern Africa
Pradzieje Wielkopolski
Studies in the final Palaeolithic settlement of the Great European Plain
Cultural markers in the later prehistory of Northeastern Africa and recent research
Recent research into the stone age of Northeastern Africa
Interregional contacts in the later prehistory of Northeastern Africa
Environmental change and human culture in the Nile Basin and Northern Africa until the second millenium B.C.
Origin and early development of food-producing cultures in North-Eastern Africa

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The production, use and importance of flint tools in the Archaic Period and the Old Kingdom of Egypt
A comparative study of prehistoric foragers in Europe and North America
Ludy łowiecko-zbierackie północno-zachodniej Polski

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