Mark A. Noll

Pays : États-Unis
Langue : anglais
Sexe : masculin
Note :
Professeur d'histoire de l'Église, Wheaton college, Wheaton, Ill. (en 1996)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0859 8674

Mark A. Noll : œuvres (20)

Éditeur scientifique (12)

The Oxford history of Protestant dissenting traditions
Protestantism after 500 years
Biographical dictionary of evangelicals
God and Mammon
Christian faith and practice in the modern world
Voices from the heart
Dictionary of the presbyterian and reformed tradition in America
Evangelicals and science in historical perspective
Amazing grace
Confessions and catechisms of the Reformation
Religion and American politics

Auteur du texte (8)

In the beginning was the word
God and race in America
God and race in American politics
America's God
The work we have to do
American evangelical Christianity
A history of christianity in the United states and Canada
The Gospel in America

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