Thème : Postcolonialisme
Origine : RAMEAU
Domaines : Sciences sociales. Sociologie
Science politique
Autres formes du thème : Études postcoloniales
Études subalternes
Subaltern studies

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Sortir du colonialisme ?

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Partition of India
History, imperialism, critique
Si le Noir n'est pas capable de se tenir debout, laissez-le tomber
Post-migratory cultures in postcolonial France
Les miroirs vagabonds ou La décolonisation des savoirs
En quête d'Afrique(s)
La théorie postcoloniale et le spectre du capital
Pensée, pratiques et poétiques postcoloniales contemporaines
Ethnographies of U.S. empire
Turbulent empires
The British end of the British empire
Entanglements of modernity, colonialism and genocide
Colonial extensions, postcolonial decentrings
Politiques de l'inimitié
Lifestyle migration and colonial traces in Malaysia and Panama
Debating the 'post' condition in India
Filologia w kontakcie
Das Alte Testament als deutsche Kolonie
The Routledge handbook of postcolonial politics
A Creole nation
The postcolonial moment in South and Southeast Asia
Penser et repenser le postcolonial dans le monde atlantique
Multicultural politics of recognition and postcolonial citizenship
Race, education, and citizenship
Austere histories in European societies
The dismantling of Japan's empire in East Asia
Penser et écrire l'Afrique aujourd'hui
European cosmopolitanism
Una mirada al feminismo decolonial en América Latina
Paul Zechs Exilwerk
Écrire l'Afrique-Monde
Orient - zur (De-)Konstruktion eines Phantasmas
Penser à vif
The postcolonial world
Postcolonial lesbian identities in Singapore
Postcolonialism, indigeneity and struggles for food sovereignty
Islam and postcolonial discourse
Líneas de frontera
Postkoloniale Kindheiten
Kenya and Britain after Independence
Postcolonial gateways and walls
Lo schermo e lo spettro
Linguagens e descolonialidades Volume 2
Postcolonial studies meets media studies
Frontiers of taste
From Lumumba to Gbagbo
Interkulturelle Dialoge und dekoloniale Geschlechterdiskurse
Sprache und Kolonialismus
Linguagens e descolonialidades
Posttotalitarny syndrom pokoleniowy w literaturach słowiańskich Europy Środkowej, Wschodniej i Południowo-Wschodniej końca XX-początku XXI wieku w świetle studiów postkolonialnych
Aspects of (Post)colonial linguistics
Birth control in the decolonizing Caribbean
Postcolonial theory and Avatar
La pédagogie postcoloniale
Pour une critique féministe coloniale
Inheritance of loss
Africa in the Indian imagination
Décoloniser le féminisme
Postcolonial thought and social theory
L'histoire n'est pas donnée
Ethnopsychoanalyse revisited
The decolonial Mandela
Decolonizing Christianity
The language loss of the indigenous
Cultures of decolonisation
Postcolonial counterpoint
Politiques de l'inimitié
Le postcolonial en Amérique latine
Mau Mau crucible of war
Post-colonial struggles for a democratic Southern Africa
Les citoyens manquants
Discourses of postcolonialism in contemporary British children's literature
L'Afrique et ses fantômes
Race, cultures, identités
Cultural heritage as civilizing mission
Religion, postcolonialism, and globalization
Language empires in comparative perspective
Postcolonial modernism
L'impérialisme postcolonial
Critique de la raison nègre
Postkoloniale Positionen?
The postcolonial studies dictionary
Pentecostalism in Africa
European missions in contact zones
Cultural threads
Decolonization and the Cold War
Political thought and the public sphere in Tanzania
The postcolonial studies dictionary
Existence and heritage
Cultural heritage as civilizing mission
Postcolonial biblical interpretation
Panafricanisme ou postcolonialisme ?
Polska Szeherezada
Portraits, édition critique
Gayatri Spivak
The Black Pacific
From Frontiers to Football
Francophone postcolonial studies
Not like a native speaker
The films of Claire Denis
Postcoloniality - decoloniality - black critique
Modernization as spectacle in Africa
The post-colonial critic
Gender, globalization, and violence
Trânsitos coloniais
The invention of a European development aid bureaucracy
L'intraduisible en question
Colonial contexts and postcolonial theologies
The politics of interweaving performance cultures
Postcolonialism and Islam
Postcolonial resistance and Asian theology
Aboriginal Australians and other "others"
The common cause
Project 1975
Postcolonial Germany
Théories intercontinentales
Connecting histories of education
L'Italia postcoloniale
Indigenous Australia and the unfinished business of theology
Involuntary associations
Empires of vision
Diné perspectives
The postcolonial museum
Le postcolonialisme, objectivité et subjectivité
Die Ethnologie und die Politik des Raums
Inhabiting 'childhood'
New Tunisian cinema
Creole identity in postcolonial Indonesia
La rencontre postcoloniale
Diesseits der imperialen Geschlechterordnung
Fiction, film and India and popular cinema
Architecture and urban form in Kuala Lumpur
Anthropology and global history
Postkoloniale Lektüren
Christianity and culture in the city
Actualité et inactualité de la notion de postcolonial
Literature of an independent England
Révoltes postcoloniales au coeur de l'Hexagone
Imperial debris
Postcolonial encounters in international relations
Nationalism and reparation in West Africa
Kulturerbe und Denkmalpflege transkulturell
Postcolonial studies
Teoria, literatura, dyskurs
Industrial colonialism in Latin America
Identités nationales, postcoloniales ou contemporaines en Afrique
Paradoxes of history and memory in postcolonial Sierra Leone
Kreolisierung revisited
States of emergency
Critique de la raison nègre
State constitutions and governments without essence in post-independence Africa
L'Orient postcolonial
Salman Rushdie
Cidade e império
Postcolonial studies across the disciplines
Edward W. Said, l'humanisme radical
The Oxford handbook of postcolonial studies
Origins of North Korea's Juche
Zur Aktualität von Homi K. Bhabha
Empire of language
Connections after colonialism
L' Africa in Italia
Production of postcolonial India and Pakistan
Diasporas of the mind
Architecture and nationalism in Sri Lanka
Wronged by empire
Race, nation, and citizenship in post-colonial Africa
Methoden dekolonialisieren
In other words
Representing Jihad
Empire and after
Race in translation
Geographies of philological knowledge
Postcolonial Italy
Culture, education, and community
Exploring postcolonial biblical criticism
50 Jahre Unabhängigkeit in Afrika
Memory contested, locality transformed
Asedios a la totalidad
Whiteness and postcolonialism in the Nordic Region
Worlds apart ?
Postcolonial migrants and identity politics
Kompetenzzuschreibungen und Positionierungsprozesse
Voci e silenzi postcoloniali
The postcolonial eye
AfrikaBilder im Wandel?
Identity and difference
Globale Vergesellschaftung und koloniale Differenz
Beyond the postcolonial
Imaginary spaces of power in Sub-Saharan literatures and films
Cittadinanze postcoloniali
South Asia and Africa after independence
The end of conceit
The postcolonial state in Africa
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