Mills Blue Rhythm Band

Pays : États-Unis
Création : 1930
Fin d'activité : 1938
Note :
Fondé par le batteur Willie Lynch en 1930,accompagna Louis Armstrong sur plusieurs enregistrements ; connu sous différents noms.. - Big band de jazz et de blues. - Existe sous les noms de : Duke Ellington and his Orchestra, Harlem Hot Chocolates, Lonnie Johnson's Harlem Footwarmers, Joe Turner and his Memphis Men, Louisiana Rhythmakers, Mills' Ten Blackberries, The Georgia Syncopators, The Harlem Footwarmers, The Jungle Band
Autres formes du nom : Blue Rhythm Band
Blue Rhythm Boys
Earl Jackson's Musical Champions
King Carter and His Royal Orchestra
King Carter & His Royal Orchestra

Mills Blue Rhythm Band : œuvres (85)

Groupe instrumental (33)

Big bands !
Blue rhythm jam
Prelude to a stomp
Mr Ghost goes to town
Red rhythm
Back beats
Harlem heat
Once to every heart
Jazz cocktail
Let's have a jubilee
Swingin' in E flat
The grool
Jazz martini
Love's serenade
Ridin' in rhythm
Doin' the shake
Ev'ry time I look at you
Heat waves
Red devil
Low down on the bayou
The peanut vendor
Big John's special
Blue rhythm
Buddy's wednesday outing
Doin' the shake
Harlem after midnight
Heat waves
Limited edition for collectors only
Ridin' in rhythm
Savage rhythm
Weary traveller

Groupe vocal et instrumental (25)

Mills blue rhythm band
The lucky swing
When Irish eyes are smiling
Everything is still okay
In a sentimental mood
Broken dreams of you
Ride, red, ride
Waiting in the garden
Sugar blues
Minnie, the moocher's wedding day
Sentimental gentleman from Georgia
You gave me everything but love
I can't get along without my baby
I'm left with the blues in my heart
Minnie the moocher
Minnie, the moocher
Star dust
Straddle the fence
They satisfy
Dancing dogs
Sugar foot stomp

Orchestre (14)

The world of swing
Harlem : l'âge d'or, 1926-1957
Lucky days
Blue rhythm
The Best of : kings of swing
The growl
The Growl
The Growl
Heebie Jeebies
Reefer man
St. Louis wiggle rhythm
Weary traveller

Interprète (10)

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The greatest jazz recordings of all time
The Greatest recordings of the Big Band era vol 2
The Greatest recordings of the Big Band era vol 2
The Cotton club legend
The Cotton club legend
Hidden Treasures of the big band era
Blue rhythm blues
Savage rhyhm

Ensemble instrumental (3)

Stars of the Apollo theatre
The Golden book of classic swing : 2
Heebie jeebies

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