Alan Feanch

Pays : France
Sexe : masculin
Note :
Compositeur-interprète. - Chef d'orchestre. - Pseudonyme de : Alain Poinsot

Alan Feanch : œuvres (183)

Compositeur (178)

Détente enfants
Official time
Captain parade
Charly guitare
Mountain sound
Tombola time
Mountain trumpet
Damnation space
Tambours parade
Magic lake
Planet's adventures
Mister Pandore
Pop fiction
African tribute
Damnation sound
Motor boogie
Mountain ballad
Crime obsession
Deer forest
Mountain echos
Clown's fantasy
Cannes holidays
Lights in the rains
Flower dance
Puppet music
Devil dance
Mecanic bird song
Mephisto jet
Soul cathedral
Para una fluta
Stratus continus
Early bird song
Phasing leitmotive
Phasing news
Happy Smith
Sweet September
Mondial scoop
Moon to light
Animals in the night
Aunt Alice
Horizon in Arizona
Damnation march
Wide horizon
Leaves in the air
Leitmotiv session
Magic dreams
White times
Water lights
Morning march
Mystery on the Thames
Néo rythmiques 1
Néo rythmiques 2
Dead city
OK cow
The old lady
Old song
O.V.N.I. thologie
Djingles news
Electronic feelings
Piano flute
Boogie horizon
Fine ballad
Flight 95
Flower ballad
Claviers répétition
Blue express
Savage trumpet
Gold fish
Shell fish
Shirley march
Le sifflet du baron
Good morning march
Snow dreams
Strange time
Studio relax
Wild trumpet
Summer gammes
Super sonic
Actual tension
Air vocal
Aqua marina
Aquatic suspense
Artifice percussion
Aubergine time
Baby polka
Baby rider
Ballade for Titou
Berceuse pour voix
Black arrow
Blue leopard
Bluesy aubergine
Bongo ring
Bongo ring
Brass locomotion
Burlesque circus
Cheveux d'amour
Cheveux d'ange
Children's picnic
Ciel de pluie
Circus ring
Crazy electronics
Crazy organ
Cuica racas
District machine
Electronic ring
Flutes race
Folly guitares
Folly vibes
Funeral gong
Galaxy 1
Galaxy time
Gooseberry clap
Grand air
Gri gri
Hitch your hat
Implacable ring
Iron train
Leitmotiv perpétuel
Morning march
Nickel train
Nuclear percussion
Nuclear suspense
Nuclear tension
Oriental vibrato
Percussion action
Perdido paradise
Phasing round
Piano march
Pop aubergine
Pop ring
Pulsation limited 1-2
Pussy ring
Red sunset
Royal trumpets
Satellites journal
Savana Africa
Sentimental soul
Sky branch
Submarine city
Super glissando
Super slow down
Super smog
Suspense time
Triple piano
Trombone series
Trumpet signature
Trumpet squadron
Velvet vocal
Viva arena
War percussion
War tension
Tic tac ring
Timbales airport
Topsy turvy
Moon valley
Western adagio
Marionettes club
Morning express
Jolly majorettes
Good morning Sir
Tango 74
The Baron's whitle. - [8]

Direction d'orchestre (5)

New age themes
Nostalgia Comedy Children
Western, Country, Rockabilly
Gold fish. - [19]
Wide horizon. - [17]

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