Claude Adelin

Sexe : masculin
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Claude Adelin : œuvres (147)

Compositeur (72)

Burn me up
Danced all night
House partying
Jazz shuffle
Love's a passion
Motor race
Nu beats
Telling you
Tropic of dance
West side strut
Body call
Far east symphony
Freestyle flamenco
French touch
Invisible man
A kind of mood
Latin trip hop
Mambo style
Music and romance
New Havana
One more try
Multifusion theme
Adventure line
Beyond the clouds
Bill's blues
Forward drive
High performance
Just looking
Lift off
Chariots of Rome
Crime story
Double colors
Europe meteor
The long dream
Metal world
Prime time image
Top theme
Blue diamonds
In the style of Copland
Modern man fanfare
Prima donna Rose
Saxy follies
Dramascope encore
Country & company
Fatal lady
Magazines et revues
Memphis hotel
Miles & kilometres
Rock quintet
S. for suspense
Automatic break
Cosmic dance
Scratch et romance
Smurf scratch et dance
Bli-Bla la Danoise
Computers & violons
Diamond shaped
Electronic Africa
Greta la Berlinoise
Janette la Bruxelloise
Lily l'Irlandaise
Nanette la Viennoise
Onyx one
Spatial escapade

Auteur du texte (65)

Ambient trax
Another heartbreak
Easy listening
Echo disco
Keyboards, keyboards
Media mix
Old days jazz
Quantum theory
Radio reports
Second millenium
Super mambo
Technical techno
Techno world
Acid jazz trax
Center stage
Coast to coast
Easy easy top
Funky groove
Indiana hero
Island running
Jazz time
Large screen theme
Rotational pull
Special report
Stop and start
Sunday picnic
Travelling alone
American horizon
Central network
Central point
Crystal clear
Dance track
Drum and bass trax
Eastern techno
Hot dance music
Jungle jazz
Latin gipsy
Latin groove
Maxi salsa
Media touch
Next step
Orchestral colors
Ready to play
Rhythm operator
Soul party
Dance it up
Dangerous time
New session
Night jam
Prime time track
Rhythm expansion
Suspense and action
Triumphant mood
Multimedia network
Radio day
Radio newscaster
Radio operator
Radio service
Best magazine
Early morning
Melodie express
Morning session

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