George Moore (illustrateur, 18..?-19..?)

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Pays : Grande-Bretagne
Sexe : masculin
Naissance : 18..
Mort : 19..
Note :
Affichiste (pour les cycles)

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Palmer tyres are the fastest on road and path [...]. Palmer Tyre Ltd, 15 Martineau Street, Birmingham.
The "New Rapid" cycles fitted with our new patent true tangent wheel . St George's Engineering C°]. Birmingham [...]
Clément [cycles], Paris ..., championnat de France ...
Quadrant cycles, the Quadrant cycle C° Birmingham
The Raleigh ..., A.A. Zimmerman ..., champion of the world ..., american factory and offices, bank & Greenwich Sts New York
Clément [cycles], Paris ..., Paris-Brest
Humber Cycles, Humber & C£ie, Ltd[...] maison principale, 19 rue du 4 septembre, Paris
Sparkbrok Cycles : Sparkbrook [sic] M£fg C° Ltd, Coventry, England
Swift Cycles . The Coventry Machinists C° Ltd, Coventry : the Leading & Oldest Cycle Manufacturers in the World
[Recueil. Oeuvre de G. Moore]

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