Wynn Bullock (photographe, 1902-1975)

Pays : États-Unis
Sexe : masculin
Naissance : Chicago, 1902, 1902
Mort : Monterey, 1975, 1975
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2138 2317

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Point Lobos
Staight negative image of a rock
Tree trunks
Florence, Oregon, USA, boy fishing
Big Sur, Californie, girl on beach
Monterey, Californie, sea palms
Monterey, Californie, burried in sand and water
Half an apple
Monterey, Californie
Monterey, Californie, the pilings
Under the wharf
Point Lobos
Palo Colorado road
Child on forest road
Old chair
Pacific street, San Francisco
Woman's hands
Monterey, Californie, the stark tree
Pebbe beach, Californie, the forest
Nude in window
Big Sur, Californie, woman and thistle
Burned chair
Big Sur, Californie, woman and dog in forest
Mud, bush and fence
Monterey, Californie, child in the forest
Lynne, logs and doll
Crescent City, Californie, redwood tree trunk
Point Lobos, Californie, tide pool
Monterey, Californie, the pines
Monterey, Californie, man in window
Monterey, Californie, let thers be light
Big Sur, Californie, érosion
Monterey, Californie, horsetails and logs
Monterey, Californie, the sunken wreck
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The Photograph as symbol
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