George Berg (1730?-1775)

Pays : Grande-Bretagne
Sexe : masculin
Naissance : 1730
Mort : Londres (Royaume-Uni), 1775
Note :
Organiste et compositeur

George Berg (1730?-1775) : œuvres (21)

Compositeur (21)

As Jenny one morning was milking her ass
Beviam'o Dori, Godiam
Can you tell me (ter) what I think ?
Come friends and companions, let's take a full glass
Compagne, amor fasciate
Cornus proclaims aloud his wife's a whore
Dolci miei sospiri
A drunken old sot
Fair Ursley in a merry mood
Fugues célèbres, transcrites pour harmonium ou orgue par Dr. W. J. Westbrook...
Hosanna in excelsis
How happy are we now the wind is a-bast
How happy are we now the wind is about
Let us drink und be merry
Lightly tread
On softest beds at leisure laid
Questo vetro di vin rosso
Say, what flow'r do you design
Si beviam, beviam, vezzosa Dori
Swell the song in strains sublime

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