Robert South (1634-1716)

Country :Grande-Bretagne
Language :anglais
Birth :09-1634
Death :08-07-1716
Note :
Pasteur et théologien
Variant of the name :A Divine of the Church of England
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0001 1701 3535


Auteur du texte4 documents

  • Animadversions upon :Dr.: +Doctor+ Sherlock's book, :entituled: +entitled+ A Vindication of the holy and everblessed Trinity, :&c.: +etc.+

    Material description : [2]-XIV-[4]-379 p.
    Note : Note : Par Robert South
    Sources : CG, CLXXVI, 7. - Wing S4730. - Halkett & Laing (2nd ed.)
    Imprimeur-libraire : Randal Taylor (162.?-1700?)

  • An Answer to the five important queries, contain'd in Mr. Prolocutor's postscript to his answer to a letter

    Material description : 30 p.
    Note : Sources : ESTC

  • An Appeal to all subjects, touching the measures of punishing state-criminals

    Material description : 39-[1] p.

  • A Complete key to popery

    Material description : 159 p.
    Note : Note : Publié par n°, dont la mention figure en bas de p.; s'arrête au n°7 avec le 2e sujet traité : "Of the inquisitors..."


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  • Documents by this author : Animadversions upon Dr. Sherlock's book, entituled A Vindication of the holy and everblessed Trinity, &c., Together with a more necessary vindication of that sacred, and prime article of the Christian faith from his new notions, and false explications of it / by a divine of the Church of England, 1693
  • Ouvrages de reference : Oxford English lit.
  • Catalogues de la BnF : BN Cat. gén.

Variant of the name

  • A Divine of the Church of England

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