Stillman Drake (1910-1993)

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Professeur honoraire, Institute for the history and philosophy of science and technology, University of Toronto


Auteur du texte6 documents

  • Galilée


    Material description : 140 p.
    Note : Note : Bibliogr., 3 p.
    Edition : 1987 Arles Actes Sud
    Autre : Jean-Paul Scheidecker

    disponible en Haut de Jardin

  • Essays on Galileo and the history and philosophy of science

    Material description : 3 vol.
    Note : Note : Notes bibliogr.
    Edition : cop. 1999 Toronto University of Toronto Press

  • Galileo

    pioneer scientist

    Material description : XVIII-261 p.
    Edition : 1990 Toronto. - Buffalo, NY. - London University of Toronto press

  • Galileo at work

    his scientific biography

    Material description : XXIII-536 p.
    Note : Note : Bibliogr. p. 473-508. Index
    Edition : cop. 1978 Chicago. - London University of Chicago press

  • Galileo at work

    his scientific biography

    [Facsim. ed.]
    Material description : XXIII-536 p.
    Note : Note : Notes bibliogr. Index
    Edition : 2003 Mineola (N.Y.) Dover publ.

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Traducteur5 documents1 digitized document

  • Traité d'astronomie dans lequel Galilée annonce la découverte des principaux satellites de Jupiter

    Sidereus nuncius : Stillman Drake (1910-1993) as traducteur

  • The Controversy on the comets of 1618

    Material description : In-8° (21 cm), XXVI-380 p., fig., planche. [Acq. 3710-64]
    Note : Note : La traduction anglaise de "Il Saggiatore, The Assayer", de Galileo Galilei, occupe les pp. 151 à 336
    Edition : [cop. 1960] Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania press

  • Mechanics in 16th century Italy

    Material description : 24 cm, XII-430 p., ill
    Note : Note : University of Wisconsin Publications in Medieval science 13. _ Bibliogr. pp. 391-420. Index
    Edition : 1969 Madison, Milwaukee, London, University of Wisconsin press

  • Galileo Galilei. On motion and On mechanics

    Material description : In-8° (24 cm), X-193 p., fig. [Acq. 5835-63]
    Note : Note : University of Wisconsin. Publications in medieval science. 5
    Edition : 1960 Madison University of Wisconsin press
    Auteur du texte : Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

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Éditeur scientifique3 documents

  • Galileo Galilei. Discourse on bodies in water

    Material description : In-4° (29 cm), XXVIII-89 p., fig. [Acq. 5854-63]
    Note : Note : Fac-simile reprints in the history of science. 2
    Edition : 1960 Urbana University of Illinois press
    Auteur du texte : Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

  • Mathematical collections and translations

    Material description : 2 vol. in-fol. (33 cm), pagin. div., fig., pl. [Acq. 5885-68]
    Edition : London. - Los Angeles Dawsons of Pall Mall. - Zeitlin and Ver Brugge

  • Mechanics in sixteenth-century Italy

    selections from Tartaglia, Benedetti, Guido Ubaldo, and Galileo

    Facsim. ed.
    Material description : XII-428 p.
    Note : Note : Bibliogr. p. 391-420
    Edition : 1994 Ann Arbor UMI books on demand

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