Henry Stubbe (1632-1676): pseudonyme individuel

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Partney (GB), 28-02-1632
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Pamphlétaire et médecin. - A aussi utilisé le pseudonyme "A real well-wisher to both societies"
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Henry Stubbes (1632-1676)
Henry Stubbs (1632-1676)


Auteur du texte5 documents

  • Legends no histories, or a Specimen of some animadversions upon the history of the Royal society, wherein, besides several errors against common literature, sundry mistakes about the making of salt-petre and gun-powder are detected and rectified ; whereunto are added two discourses, one of Pietro Sardi, and another of Nicolas Tartaglia... translated out of Italian, with a brief account of those passages of the authors life which the "virtuosi" intended most to censure and expatiate upon... together with the "Plus ultra" of Mr Joseph Glanvill reduced to a "non-plus"... by Henry Stubbe,...

    Material description : In-4° , pièces limin., 127 p.
    Note : Note : Le "Plus-ultra"... reduced to a "non-plus"... manque
    Edition : 1670 London sold by the book-sellers

  • Lettere

    Material description : 25 cm, VIII-93 p., multigr
    Note : Note : Notes bibliogr
    Edition : 1973 Siena, Università degli studi, Facoltà di lettere e filosofia
    Éditeur scientifique : Università degli studi. Facoltà di lettere e filosofia. Sienne, Italie

  • The Lord Bacons Relation of the sweating-sickness examined in a reply to George Thomson... Together with a defence of phlebothomy in general, and also particularly in the plague, smallpox, scurvey and pleurisie, in opposition to the same author, and the author of "Medela medicinae", Dr. Whitaker, and Dr. Sydenham. Also a relation concerning the strange symptomes happening upon the bite of an adder, and a reply, by way of preface to the calumnies of Eccebolius Glanvile. By Henry Stubbe,...

    Material description : 4 parties en 1 vol. in-4°
    Note : Note : Chaque partie a une pagination particulière. Les 2e et 3e parties ont chacune un titre particulier : la 2e partie : "An epistolary discourse concerning phlebotomy in opposition to G. Thomson pseudochymist, a pretended disciple of the lord Verulam" ; la 3e partie : "A relation of the strange symptomes happening by the bite of an adder, and the cure thereof, in a letter to a learned physician"...
    Edition : 1671 London printed for P. Brigs, and are to be sold by booksellers in London

  • The "Plus ultra" reduced to a "non plus", or a Specimen of some animadversions upon the "Plus ultra" of Mr. Glanvill, wherein sundry errors of some "virtuosi" are discovered, the credit of the Aristotelians in part re-advanced, and enquiries made about... [various subjects] by Henry Stubbe,...

    Material description : In-4° , pièces limin., 179 [sic pour 181] p.
    Edition : 1670 London printed for the Author

  • A Reply unto the letter written to Mr. Henry Stubbe in defense of the History of the Royal society, whereunto is added a preface against Ecebolius Glanvill, and an answer to the letter of Dr. Henry More, containing a reply to the untruthes he hath publish'd, and a censure of the cabbalo-pythagorical philosophy, by him promoted...

    Material description : In-4° , 80 p.
    Note : Note : Contient la lettre adressée à Stubbe, dont le titre de départ porte : "The Letter to Mr. Henry Stubs concerning his censure upon certain passages contained in the History of the Royal society", et la réponse d'Henri Stubbe dont le titre particulier porte : "A Reply to a letter of Dr. Henry More (printed in Mr. Ecebolius Glanvil's praefatory answer to Hen. Stubbe) with a censure upon the pythagorico-cabbalistical philosophy promoted by him... By Henry Stubbe",... - Lettre et réponse forment la 2e et la 3e parties d'un autre ouvrage de Stubbe, intitulé : "A Censure upon certaine passages contained in the History of the Royal society" [by Dr. Sprat]... paru à Oxford en 1670
    Edition : 1671 Oxford printed for R. Davis

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  • A Reply unto the letter written to Mr. Henry Stubbe...

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  • Documents by this author : Lettere di Henry Stubbe a Thomas Hobbes, 8 luglio 1656-6 maggio 1657, 1973
  • Ouvrages de reference : DNB : Stubbe [Subbes, Stubbs], Henry
    LC Authorities (2006-01-19)
  • Catalogues de la BnF : BN Cat. gén.

Variants of the name

  • Henry Stubbes (1632-1676)
  • Henry Stubbs (1632-1676)

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