John Spottiswoode (1565-1639)

Country :Grande-Bretagne
Language :anglais
Birth :1565
Death :1639
Note :
Archevêque de Glasgow puis de Saint Andrews
Variants of the name :John Spottiswood
John Spotswood
John Spotiswood
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ISNI :ISNI 0000 0000 8359 238X


Auteur du texte2 documents

  • The history of the Church of Scotland

    [beginning of the year of our Lord 203 and continued to the end of the reign of king James the VI of ever blessed memory]

    [Reprod. en fac-sim.]
    Material description : 3 vol. (CXLII-[1] p. dépl.-384, IV-469, 309 p.)
    Note : Note : Index (vol. 3)
    Edition : New York : AMS press , 1973
    Éditeur scientifique : Michael Russell (1781-1848)

  • The history of the Church of Scotland, beginning the year of our Lord 203, and continued to the end of the reign of King James the VI. of ever blessed memory.

    Material description : [20]-546-[1-1 bl.-8] p. (sig. [ ]5, a5, B-Z6, Aa-Zz6, Aaa6, Bbb3), [1] f. de front. gr. s. c.
    Note : Note : Front. gr. s. c. sig. "W. Hollar fecit". - Titre en r. et n.. - Dernier f. (2 p.) : "A catalogue of some books printed for Richard Royston at the Angel in Ivie-lane, London. And of some formerly printed at Oxford."
    Edition : , 1655
    Ancien possesseur : Jeanette Dwight Bliss (18..-1924), Walt. Gordon (17..?-17..?), Nisbet (17..?-17..?)
    Imprimeur : James Flesher (imprimeur, 16..-167.)
    Imprimeur-libraire : Richard Royston (1601-1686)
    Donateur : Susan Dwight Bliss (18..-1966)
    Illustrateur : Václav Hollar (1607-1677)


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  • History of the Church of Scotland... / by the right Rev. John Spottiswood,... ; with biogr. sketch and notes by the right Rev. M. Russell,..., 1973
  • BN Cat. gén.
    LCNA (CD), 1996-06

Variants of the name

  • John Spottiswood
  • John Spotswood
  • John Spotiswood
  • John Spotsewood

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