Henry Bradshaw (1831-1886)

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Bibliographe. - Bibliothécaire de l'Université de Cambridge, GB


Auteur du texte27 documents

  • The Books of the Vaudois...

    Edition : 1865. In-16 London and Cambridge

  • A classified Index of the fifteenth century books in the collection of the late M. J. de Meyer, which were sold at Ghent in November 1869, by Henry Bradshaw,...

    Material description : In-8° , 28 p.
    Edition : 1870 London Macmillan

  • A Classified index of the fifteenth century books in the collection of the late M. J. De Meyer, which were sold at Ghent in November 1869. by Henry Bradshaw,...

    Edition : 1870. In-8°, 28 p. London, Macmillan

  • Collected Papers of Henry Bradshaw... comprising : 1. "Memoranda" ; 2. "Communications" read before the Cambridge Antiquarian Society ; together with an article contributed to the "Bibliographer", and two papers not previously published. Edited for the syndics of the University press. With thirteen plates

    Material description : In-8° , VII-500 p. et pl.
    Edition : 1889 Cambridge University press

  • Henry Bradshaw's Correspondence on incunabula

    Material description : In-4° (26 cm), 258 p., portr. [Acq. 3576-68]
    Edition : 1966 Amsterdam M. Hertzberger and C̊
    Auteur du texte : Marinus Frederik Andries Gerardus Campbell (1819-1890), Johannes Willem Holtrop (1806-1870)

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Éditeur scientifique1 document

  • Henry Bradshaw society

    founded in the year of Our Lord 1890 for the editing of rare liturgical texts

    Edition : 1891- London Henry Bradshaw society. - printed by Harrison
    Éditeur scientifique : Henry Bradshaw society

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Autre1 document

  • Chaucer Society Notes and corrections for the "Ryme-Index" (N̊ XLVI, first series), with a list of the Rymes in it, by Henry Cromie,...

    Note : Note : Chancer Society. Fasc. XLVII
    Edition : 1875. In-8° London, N. Trubner

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  • Documents by this author : Henry Bradshaw's correspondence : with J. W. Holtrop and M. F. A. G. Campbell. 1, The correspondence, 1864-1884 / ed. by Wytze and Lotte Hellinga, 1978
    Henry Bradshaw, 1831-1886 / Roy Stokes, 1984
  • Ouvrages de reference : BLNA, 1997-12
  • Catalogues de la BnF : BN Cat. gén. : Bradshaw (Henry), bibliothécaire de l'Université de Cambridge
    BN Cat. gén. 1960-1969

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