Philip Thicknesse (1719-1792)

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Lieutenant-gouverneur. - Auteur de récits de voyages
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One of the jurymen (1719-1792)
Author of "A year's journey" (1719-1792)
Philip Thickskull (1719-1792)


Auteur du texte6 documents2 digitized documents

  • Useful hints to those who make the tour of France

    Material description : II-284 p.
    Edition : 1768 London R. Davis

    [catalogue, Visualize the document in Gallica][]
  • A year's journey through France and part of Spain

    Material description : 2 vol. (295, 240 p.)
    Edition : 1777 Dublin printed by J. Williams

    2 digitized documents Volume 1 - Volume 2
    [catalogue, Visualize the document in Gallica][]
  • Memoirs and anecdotes of Philip Thicknesse,...

    Material description : 2 vol. in-8°
    Edition : 1788 (London,) the author

  • Reize door Frankryk en Spanje, van den heere Ph. Thicknesse,...

    Material description : 3 vol. in-8° , planche au t. 3
    Edition : 1784 Amsterdam J. Yntema

  • The Valetudinarians Bath guide, or the Means of obtaining long life and health... by Philip Thicknesse. 2nd edition with additions

    Material description : In-8° , XI-74-I-15 p., planche
    Note : Note : À la fin de l'ouvrage figure un prospectus de : "Sketches of the lives and writings of the ladies of France,... by Ann Thicknesse"
    Edition : 1780 London Dodsley

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  • Documents by this author : A year's journey through France and part of Spain / by Philip Thicknesse, 1777
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    LCNA (CD), 1996-06
  • Catalogues de la BnF : BN Cat. gén.

Variants of the name

  • One of the jurymen (1719-1792)
  • Author of "A year's journey" (1719-1792)
  • Philip Thickskull (1719-1792)

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