Knut Lundmark (1889-1958)

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Country : Suède
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Älvsbyn, Suède, 14-06-1889
Death : Lund, Suède, 23-04-1958
Note :
Asrophysicien. - Directeur : Starwarte, Lund, Suède
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0983 9011

Activities of Knut Lundmark (1889-1958) (9 resources in

Textual works (9)

Sur le problème de l'origine et de l'évolution de l'idée du Messie et de l'eschatologie du Nouveau Testament, par Knut Lundmark
Observations of novae
Observation des novae
Was the Crab nebula formed by a supernova in 1054 A.D.
Historical notes and papers, Nr. 2. On Demokritos' conception of the Milky Way, by Knut Lundmark
Historical notes and papers, Nr. 1. Aristotle as practical astronomer, by Knut Lundmark
On the question of the zero point determination in the metagalactic distance scale, by Knut Lundmark
Internal motions of Messier 33, by Knut Lundmark
The Relations of the globular clusters and spiral nebulae to the stellar system, an attempt to estimate their parallaxes. Inaugural-Dissertation by Knut Lundmark,...

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