Victoria S. Harrison

Pays :Grande-Bretagne
Langue :anglais
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Enseigne la philosophie et la théologie à l'université de Londres (en 2000)
ISNI :ISNI 0000 0000 2256 6348

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Éditeur scientifique4 documents

  • The oneness hypothesis

    beyond the boundary of self

    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (vi-403 p.)
    Description : Note : Bibliogr. en fin de contribution. Index
    Abstract : The idea that the self is inextricably intertwined with the rest of the world--the "oneness hypothesis"--can be found in many of the world's philosophical and religious traditions. Oneness provides ways to imagine and achieve a more expansive conception of the self as fundamentally connected with other people, creatures, and things. Such views present challenges to Western hyperindividualism and its excessive concern with self-interest and tendency toward self-centered behavior. This anthology presents an interdisciplinary exploration of the nature and implications of the oneness hypothesis. While fundamentally inspired by East and South Asian traditions, in which such a view is often critical to their philosophical approach, this collection also draws upon religious studies, psychology, and Western philosophy, as well as sociology, evolutionary theory, and cognitive neuroscience. Contributors trace the oneness hypothesis through the works of East Asian and Western schools, including Confucianism, Mohism, Daoism, Buddhism, and Platonism and such thinkers as Zhuangzi, Kant, James, and Dewey
    Édition : New York(N.Y.) : Columbia University Press
    Éditeur scientifique : Owen J. Flanagan, Philip John Ivanhoe

  • Philosophy and museums

    essays in the philosophy of museums

    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (x-385 p.)
    Description : Note : Textes issus d'une conférence intulée "Philosophy of museums: ethics, aesthetics, and ontology", organisé par le Royal Institute of Philosophy en 2013. - Bibliogr. p. 361-385. Notes bibliogr.
    Édition : Cambridge : Cambridge university press , 2016
    Éditeur scientifique : Anna Bergqvist, Gary Kemp (philosophe)

  • Probability in the philosophy of religion

    1. ed
    Description matérielle : VI-253 p.
    Édition : Oxford : Oxford Univ. Press , 2012
    Éditeur scientifique : Jake Chandler

  • The Routledge companion to theism

    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (XXII-728 p.)
    Description : Note : Notes bibliogr.
    Édition : New York : Routledge , 2013
    Éditeur scientifique : Stewart Goetz, Charles Taliaferro


Auteur du texte2 documents

  • The apologetic value of human holiness

    Von Balthasar's christocentric philosophical anthropology

    Description matérielle : XII-230 p.
    Description : Note : Bibliogr.p. 210-225. Index
    Édition : Dordrecht : Kluwer , cop. 2000

  • Religion and modern thought

    Description matérielle : 1 vol. (VIII-408 p.)
    Description : Note : Notes bibliogr.
    Édition : London : SCM Press , cop. 2007


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  • The apologetic value of human holiness : Von Balthasar's Christocentric philosophical anthropology / by Victoria S. Harrison, 2000

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